The Boy Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The Film The Boy: The Hidden Meaning & The Main Idea Of ​​the Horror Film. The motion picture The Boy has collected mixed reviews from both critics and viewers. Some believe that the film is a tape with a deep meaning, commanding the many facets of the human soul. Others are sure that the picture is devoid of an idea, therefore it does not deserve attention. Let’s try to figure out why opinions are so contradictory.

The meaning of the movie The Boy

The Boy. It hides a frightening and previously unknown secret. But it’s not just a harmless toy. The doll carries many dangers. The toy comes to life in the movie. Her next moves are confusing and unpredictable. Events unfold in the house. It seems that the dwelling should become a fortress for the family. It should have an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Just not in this house.

Initially, The Boy looks like a sweet and kind character. Her clumsiness and eccentricity even brings a smile to the faces of the audience. But after the inexplicable phenomena associated with it, everyone becomes uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Something strange is going on in the house. The wheel of intrigue is spinning more and more. It is almost impossible to guess what the final will be. The viewer tries to independently predict the outcome. The filmmakers even give some hints. Only the logic in further actions is difficult to grasp.

Some viewers believe that the plot is dragged out. The lack of dynamics reduces the interest to know the ending of the picture. But the second half of the tape changes the attitude of the audience towards the film. There is energy, movement, events are developing rapidly. The denouement was extremely unexpected. It was she who plunged the audience into an atmosphere of chilling horror.

Every family has its secrets. This story is about the heroes who perceived The Boy as their own son. But the boy died many years ago. Many simply refuse to believe in the reality of the tragedy. They force themselves to believe that nothing happened. Otherwise, their hearts will simply burst from pain. The characters are not ready to live in the harsh reality. They live in their house filled with fears, doubts, anxieties. The family shown in the film is very strange. Their actions have nothing to do with common sense. Having lost a loved one, they simply could not cope morally, could not stand it.

The inhabitants of the strange house seemed to have “lost their minds”. The rules of the internal order cause bewilderment and misunderstanding among others. However, it doesn’t matter to them. After the death of their son, their inner world collapsed, crumbled into many fragments. But this is only one side of the story. Everything turned out to be much more confusing. Perhaps the elderly couple is hiding something?

Due to the wide variety of films in the horror genre, it is difficult to surprise horror fans with something. In the film The Boy the main idea is not new. However, the creators of the tape managed to intrigue the audience. Unexplained phenomena make you look more closely at the faces of the characters. What happened 20 years ago? Why do elderly people live like hermits in a house located in the forest?

The cast is perfect. The characters are not just playing, they create an atmosphere of presence. The actress in the role of a nanny plausibly shows fright. The possibility of what is happening simply does not fit in her head. Initially, she was skeptical about her duties. The list presented by the elderly couple caused a smile. But after a while, the girl was no longer up to smiles.

When the situation is too confusing, it is difficult to make the right move. A person needs time to come to his senses, to assess the situation. Of the possible options, the girl chose one. She decided to strictly follow the instructions and internal rules. But the fear did not leave her. At such moments, it is important that there is a person nearby who could be trusted, open up. Next to the heroine was the right character. He gave her the support she needed so badly.

The meaning of the ending movie The Boy

The ending of the film The Boy is difficult to predict. But when the audience watches the finale, everything will fall into place. The meaning of the ending of the film The Boy is to show the viewer what effect obsessive thoughts and fears have on people. Often we can’t handle our emotions. We fear judgment from others. Irresponsibility destroys human dreams, the desire to move forward. We find ourselves in a world of our own illusions, which no longer releases us. We become hostages of our fears and anxieties. Such a situation will not lead to anything good. It will only destroy you from within.

After watching the film, some people think that the secret always becomes clear. Our deeds do not go unnoticed. We will have to answer for all our actions. You can keep a secret in yourself for a long time, but over time we will no longer be able to keep it inside. You can’t live in constant fear. Doubts and worries only poison our lives. Mental torment does not bring any benefit. A person must clearly understand what is good and what is bad. Otherwise, you can forget about a happy life filled with joyful events. You need to be in harmony with yourself. Then it will be difficult for external circumstances to bring you out of balance.

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