Safe Haven Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Who is Jo from the movie Safe Haven? The ending of the film Safe Haven (2013): explanation, meaning, decoding of the plot.

Country: USA

Genre: melodrama, romance, thriller

Year of production: 2013

Directed by: Lasse Hallström

Cast: Julianne Hough, Josh Duhamel, Cobie Smulders, David Lyons

tagline: “You’ll know when you find it”

The plot of Safe Haven, an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name, is fairly simple. However, many viewers raised questions about the mystical ending, while the main content of the picture, it would seem, does not hint at any mysticism. Let’s figure out what meaning the authors of “Quiet Harbor” put into it.

What is the movie about

The main character of “Safe Haven” Katie runs away from her tyrant husband Kevin. He, taking advantage of his official position (he works as a policeman in Boston), sets off in pursuit. The flight succeeds – the girl finds herself in the small seaside town of Selfport. There, she takes a job as a waitress at a local cafe and rents a dilapidated wooden house in a secluded area. Cathy is haunted by the past, she is in fear, but gradually it gives way to peace.

Julianne HoughJulianne Hough played the role of Cathy. Frame from the film.

The girl goes to a local shop that sells everything in a row to buy floor paint. There she meets a salesman named Alex and his children – a girl Lexi and a boy Josh.

One day, Katie meets a girl at her new home. She looked out the windows – clearly spying, which she immediately admitted. The girl’s name is Jo, she is the heroine’s neighbor. She soon becomes a friend to Katie.

The owner of the café tells Cathy that Alex’s wife has died of cancer. The man tries to help the heroine in everything, but the girl is not eager to enter into a new relationship. However, Joe helps Cathy reciprocate the attentions.

Kevin stubbornly continues to look for a wife. He puts Kathy on the wanted list and sends out an orientation on her as accused of murder with a detailed description of her appearance to all police stations. He also finds a woman in whose house the girl was the first time after the flight.

Katie gradually really gets closer to Alex and his children. I am especially glad to communicate with Lexi. Josh, who, unlike his sister, remembers his mother well and misses her, tries to stay away from the girl.

Josh DuhamelJosh Duhamel as Alex, Noah Lomax as Josh. Frame from the film.

Katie tells Joe that she is in love with Alex and they are doing well. Girlfriend seems to be very happy about it.

Alex and his cop friend Red are shopping for fireworks for a holiday in town. Once at the police station, the hero notices an orientation to Katie. He is confused and angry because he thinks that the girl was deceiving him and is a danger to the children. After not hearing an explanation from Cathy, Alex drives her away. The heroine is about to go on the run again. She is in despair. Katie remembers how her husband beat her and how she eventually fought back and ran away.

Meanwhile, the authorities find out that Kevin is using his official position to find a wife, and fires him.

Joe tries to talk a friend out of running away from town. But she is determined. And yet, at the last moment, Katie stops Alex, asking for forgiveness for being rude and driving the girl away without knowing about the true state of affairs. The man promises that he will not let his beloved be offended.

Cathy stays and things go well for a while. And even Josh does not mind that the girl and his father are together. However, Kevin still tracks down his wife. He entered the house where she was hiding and listened to the owner’s answering machine. On it is a message from Katie that she settled in a new place. Kevin finds where the call came from and immediately goes to Selfport. There, at a party in the crowd, he sees Katie, Alex and the children. Surveillance is noticed by Jo, sitting to the side.

Cobie SmuldersJulianne Hough played the role of Katie and Cobie Smulders starred as Jo. Frame from the film.

Alex and his son go off to set off the fireworks, while Katy stays at home with Lexi. The girl falls asleep and has a dream. In it, Joe informs her that Kevin is already here. Katie wakes up and indeed finds her husband at home. Kevin begs her to come back, but the girl chases him away. Kathy starts calling Alex on the phone, but he can’t hear because he’s busy with the fireworks. Meanwhile, Kevin douses the house with gasoline. Seeing this, Cathy makes an attempt to deceive her husband. She says she wants to go back, then pushes him into the water. However, the fireworks hit the wooden jetty. It catches fire and the fire spreads to the house where Lexie is. Seeing the fire, Alex rushes to save his daughter. And Kevin attacks his wife. The finale of the fight turns out to be successful for the main characters: Alex saves Lexi, and Katie intercepts the gun from her husband and shoots him in self-defence.

Time passes. Peaceful life comes again. Except Katie’s friend Jo is leaving, believing her time has come.

The house burned down, but the desk that held the letters of Alex’s late wife survived. He hands one of them to Cathy. This letter, written by Alex’s wife before her death, is addressed to the girl he will fall in love with. In it, she gives a blessing for a happy life with her beloved. The letter also includes a photograph. It shows Joe with Josh. In addition, the letter is signed in her name. And Katie suddenly realizes that Jo is Alex’s dead wife.

Safe Haven Ending explanation

So, the meaning of the ending of the film “Safe Haven”, like the plot, is quite simple: Katie’s faithful friend turns out to be the ghost of Alex’s deceased wife, in some way a guardian angel. Small hints of this are given in the course of the story: Joe communicates only with the main character, not talking to anyone but her. She helps Cathy by pushing her to take action that eventually leads to a happy ending. Thanks to Joe, the heroine gets closer to Alex and eventually stays with him. She also tried to warn Cathy in a dream about the approach of the villainous Kevin.

We also note an interesting detail regarding the names of children. The girl’s name is Lexi – a derivative of the name Alex. And the boy’s name is Josh – a derivative of the name Joe.

This explanation of the ending is identical to the ending of Nicholas Sparks’ Safe Haven. However, neither in the book nor in the movie is there any detailed analysis that would give a clue as to why Joe looks like a completely ordinary person. Maybe the point is that she’s not a ghost, but a figment of Kathy’s imagination? This assumption is made by the heroine in the novel. But this interpretation doesn’t explain why Cathy saw Joe like the one in the photo long before she looked at the photo itself. Although she could very well have discovered this image at the beginning – somewhere in Alex’s store or later in his house.

It can be said that the “technology” of Joe’s appearance and its “nature” are not really important. There is no hidden meaning here. The episodes with Joe and the final twist are rather an interesting addition to the narrative, which does not change the essence of the film “Safe Haven” in any way. The idea that Alex’s ex-wife wishes him and his beloved happiness is fully revealed through a letter that has nothing mystical about it.

The meaning of the film Safe Haven

Safe Haven is a heartfelt and romantic movie. Its meaning is to inspire hope and help to believe in the best. And this is perfectly realized with the help of a good story, cute characters and beautiful views of a sunny seaside town. And the mystical ending is designed to give only a little shake-up to the viewer, just as the thriller elements do in the film.

love conquers evilFrame from the film.

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