I’m Thinking of Ending Things Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Director Charlie Kaufman remained true to himself in his work I’m Thinking of Ending Things. Pathetic main character, confusing plot and unexpected ending. Has the director again decided to play with time and reality? The viewer, when watching the film, will have to plunge into the atmosphere of discomfort, he will clearly be “out of his element”.

The meaning of the film I’m Thinking of Ending Things

The plot of the film is initially straightforward. The main character decided to introduce his girlfriend to his parents. To do this, young people went to a remote farm. Here the viewer sees a kind of game with reality. parallel scene. The school watchman, whose existence can hardly be called happy. The character is not happy with this life. He even decides to settle scores with her. But something keeps stopping him.

On the screen, the viewer sees an ongoing blizzard. This image personifies the world of illusions, in which the watchman has been staying for a long time. His imagination knows no bounds. To distract himself from the problems and difficulties that have piled up, the hero begins to fantasize. He seeks to escape from reality, in which there is no place for joy and happiness.

The film I’m Thinking of Ending Things is about the fact that every person needs support, a friendly shoulder. A more approving word, an understanding look sometimes work wonders. You can’t dwell on your problems. It is important to learn how to look for like-minded people who will help you find the right path. A person should not live only work. Be sure to find time for creativity and just for yourself. It is important to be in harmony with yourself and not be afraid of loneliness.

Why do some people try to escape from reality, to forget? There is too much grief and injustice in the world. People can’t stand it, they break. They are much more comfortable being in the world that they themselves have come up with. But many people forget that you can’t run away from yourself. You need to change not just your location, but also your thoughts, your views.

Non-standard movie, after watching which you want to look inside yourself. What world does each of us live in? Where is the illusion and where is the reality? In order to achieve peace of mind, gain strength, a person sometimes needs to “lay low”, move away from solving problems that have piled up. Otherwise, you just can’t stand it. The film shows that our thoughts can not only help us achieve our goals, but also destroy our plans.

I want to believe the actors who played interesting controversial roles. Some of the characters seem to go in circles. They get into the same situations, run into the same problems. Why it happens? People just don’t know how to learn from their own mistakes. Some can be said to be tired of life. From nothing interests and does not inspire. It is not right. This is the road to nowhere. A person should strive for inner development. It is important to enjoy every day of your life.

Why is the main character so pathetic? This is not only because of his non-prestigious position. The man has lost his taste for life. He became a hostage to circumstances. But the school janitor makes no attempt to change the situation. There are no specific actions. There are only thoughts that drag the character into the abyss of doubt and inner torment. The hero seems to be wandering through a labyrinth from which there is no way out. The director addresses the viewer through the characters in the film. Stop before it’s too late. Take a look around. Understand what is important to you and what is secondary. And start taking action. Straightaway. Now.

The meaning of the finale of the film I’m Thinking of Ending Things

The harsh reality we now live in. It was her that the director of the film I’m Thinking of Ending Things wanted to show. This is the deep meaning of the film’s finale. All people should have goals, life priorities. You can’t just exist without thinking about anything. But fantasies without action will not lead to anything good. People will continue to be dissatisfied with their lives. The school janitor himself plunged himself into thoughts that are doomed to failure. He did not seek to improve the quality of his life. He gave up. I gave up, never trying to find myself in life.

Our existence should not converge only to a simple scheme: home-work-home. An unattractive low-paid position is no reason to put an end to your existence. A person must dream, set high goals for himself. But in order to realize his plans, he must act. After all, without this, any dreams will remain dreams. You can’t just play with time. It goes away every day.

The strong direct film I’m Thinking of Ending Things shows the fine line between dreams and reality. This movie is like a call to action. Stop hovering in the clouds and look at the world through rose-colored glasses. You need to take action and take action. Only in this way can you believe in yourself and your strengths, increase your self-esteem. Time does not wait for us. We must learn to control our abilities. Then opportunities may open up before us that we have not even dreamed of.

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