Lolita Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The feature film “Lolita” by Adrian Lyne is based on the work of the same name by Vladimir Nabokov. The psychological drama received many positive reviews. In the center of the film is the story of the defendant. He told his story to the jury. The true meaning of the film “Lolita” is not so easy to understand. Let’s try to figure out what the main idea the director wanted to convey to the audience.

The hero of the film Humbert goes to a small American town located in New England. The teacher of French literature is incredibly handsome. Women pay attention to him, because he is not only handsome, but also smart. Only Humbert cannot achieve inner harmony in any way. He returns again and again to his past. First love. These memories are filled with tragedy and unbearable pain. The hero experienced strong emotions for his beloved. But they were not destined to be together.

The Deep Meaning of the Psychological Drama “Lolita”

Suddenly, there was hope in the character’s heart. He met her. Lolita. She was only 12 years old. And it was precisely this circumstance that stopped the teacher from a bold act. In the film, the director paid great attention to the image of a 12-year-old girl. She was cruel and heartless. The heroine was never able to find happiness. In part, Lolita became like this because of external circumstances. The girl was deprived of a carefree, rich, joyful childhood. It was as if she had to become an adult all at once. No one taught her that you need to respect and appreciate those who are nearby.

Many mental traumas come from childhood. This is the main idea of ​​the film “Lolita”. After watching the film, some kind of poignant feeling appears in the hearts of the audience. Mentally, the person once again returns to the motion picture. Why did this little girl have such a difficult fate? Why are people willing to do almost anything for love? How to survive the pain of irreparable loss and find the strength to move on? The creators of the psychological picture “Lolita” tried to answer these questions.

From the first frames of the film, viewers fall into an atmosphere of drama and sadness tearing the soul to pieces. The musical accompaniment is perfect. The killer rides through the endless desert expanses. He has time to analyze his actions. At what point did things go wrong as he planned? Why the purpose of his existence was to find his only one, to whom he would like to give his heart. The character practically did not think about the future. He wanted to live here and now.

The motion picture “Lolita” is saturated with doom, bordering on hopelessness. The life of one person directly depended on the life of another. The character struggled to reclaim the paradise he once lost. It just wasn’t that easy to do so. He is confused about his feelings. And all of a sudden, emotions took precedence over reason. In his mind, the hero often scrolled through meetings with the one that the chosen one wanted to name. There were just too many obstacles in his way.

Complex, filled with various shades of emotions, the film “Lolita” keeps the audience in suspense until the very end. This film is about a strong and deep feeling. No hint of vulgarity or vulgarity. The creators sought to show the audience how much love can be different. In the painting “Lolita” she is represented as fatal, strong, emotional. And impossible. The character had no chance to make his union happy.

Humbert is creative. It is unlikely that he had any mental disorders. He was educated and pedantic. The character did not allow himself to cross the line that would separate him from the crime. But when his beloved was offended, he could no longer stay away. Can a person control his emotions? Why do some of our feelings pull us to the bottom? How to forbid yourself to love? There are too many questions in the psychological drama “Lolita” for which there are no unambiguous answers. Some viewers condemn the hero of the film. But there are those who deeply sympathize with him.

Young Lolita and a charming aristocrat. Humbert remembers his first love very well. His feelings for the heroine are sublime and poetic. They are inspired by nostalgia for those times when he was happy. But he lost his beloved. Lost suddenly and forever. This tragedy left a significant imprint on his entire future life. Lolita seemed to be his salvation. Only the hero understood that they could not be together.

The character every moment of his existence dreamed of being with Lolita. He perceived this deep feeling as a great value. This heroine became everything for him, the meaning of life. Humbert idolizes the still very young Lolita. He doesn’t notice anyone else around. This love became for him the hope of salvation and death. This is his personal tragedy and guilt. This is a game on the strings of his soul. Love enchants and bewitches. And she won’t let go. Not for a moment. Humbert became a hostage to his feelings. The character could not forget the young Lolita. Despite her age, the heroine played with the feelings of an educated man. Only she perceived him not as an accomplished man, but as a soulless doll. What makes love…

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