SOUL Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The Deep Meaning Of The Philosophical Cartoon Soul (2020). The music teacher has an old cherished dream. The hero is no longer young, but he does not lose hope of performing on stage. The character wanted to be part of a jazz ensemble all his life. And one day luck smiled at him. But one tragic event put all his future plans in jeopardy. The meaning of the film “Soul” does not lie on the surface. Let’s try to figure out what main idea the creators of the film wanted to convey to the audience.

The film “Soul” is filled with philosophical questions. What is a personality? How is she born? Do all people on their life path become individuals? All these questions have been worrying psychologists, philosophers, historians for many centuries. There is no consensus. But even more people care about the concept of “fate”. The director of the film “Soul” also offered his vision on this topic. In this film, he tried to describe the meaning of human existence.

At the beginning of the tape, viewers see the tragedy of a single character – his death. The middle-aged music teacher has long been disillusioned with life. But now his boring existence was illuminated by light. The hero passed the audition. His dream will soon come true. He was walking home skipping, but landed in a sewer manhole. The beginning of the film can hardly be called encouraging. After his death, the hero found himself in a strange place. Now the character has another goal. He must again go to Earth to realize his long-standing grandiose plan.

Viewers see new souls on their screens. They’re just getting ready to show up. They just have to live in the world of people. But before that, they need to pass several tests. It is important for them to find something that will make them burn. It can be called talent, vocation, the meaning of existence. Some souls have been in “standby mode” for many years. They can’t decide what they are more predisposed to. They need a spark that they haven’t found yet. And such souls wander from mentor to mentor. They ask for advice, but they still cannot decide to take a responsible step and make a choice.

The film “Soul” also contains adventurous ideas that can be classified as controversial. The filmmakers suggested that some dreams lead people “to nowhere.” Such characters spend too much time and effort on bringing their cherished desires to life. They fixate on it, turn this path into the meaning of their entire existence. But they forget to just live. When they achieve what they want, emptiness settles in them. The spark goes out, they have nothing more to strive for.

The point of Soul is that you don’t have to focus solely on your dream and the means to achieve it. It is important to notice beauty in everyday little things, to look for happiness even in little things. The film “Soul” is a kind of parable that touches upon questions about life and death, about the search for oneself and the meaning of existence.

Incredibly deep, powerful film “Soul” is built on emotions. Often people are driven by inspiration. However, as it appears suddenly, it can also suddenly disappear. It is important for people to find their natural talents. This alone does not guarantee success. Sometimes characters tend to get away from reality, everyday problems. They want to abstract from society. It is important for heroes to take time for themselves, to listen to their soul. Sometimes it is vital to be in silence, to stop the frantic rhythm of your existence. How, after the realization of your cherished dream, to prevent internal devastation? How to keep harmony with yourself? The creators of the film “Soul” tried to answer these questions.

Human life should be filled with meaning. People are used to planning their existence, analyzing actions, setting goals for the future. But not everything always depends on the person himself. Sometimes external circumstances that cannot be predicted play a big role. Man’s plans are shattered. But these events do not always have an unfavorable outcome. In some cases, a person receives much more than he originally planned. It happens that he did not choose his destiny. It just happened.

The animated film “Soul” motivates viewers to think. There are no clear answers to the questions posed in the film. Each viewer after watching the tape will definitely think about the meaning of his existence. Did he define his purpose correctly? Is he where he is now? How often do people listen to their soul? This story is not about good and evil. There are no pronounced negative and positive characters in it. There are only characters who are confused in themselves. And it is difficult to decide on your goals and plans. They don’t even know what they want. So they wander aimlessly through life. So a person becomes his own enemy. And only he can save himself.

Often on the way to achieving his goal, a person is faced with fears, doubts. He is plagued by intrusive thoughts. At such moments, it is important to understand why you started your journey. The main thing is to reject attempts of self-destruction and boldly move forward, not forgetting to just live and enjoy every moment. Man must find his true self in order to make his existence meaningful.

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