Relic Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Memory losses. Uncertainty. Lack of emotions on the “stone” face. The viewer suddenly finds himself in a mysterious labyrinth, from which it is not so easy to find a way out. The film “Relic” (2020) touches upon the eternal questions about death and its acceptance. The heroine was simply not ready for old age? Or does he still have many unrealized plans and ideas? Or maybe the woman was guided by other, frightening surrounding motives? The Australian horror film “Relic” will try to answer these questions.

The meaning of the film “Relic” (2020)

The Deep Meaning of the Horror Movie “Relic”. An elderly woman suffers from dementia. Memory lapses, the inability to remember the events of the past day greatly “poison” the life of the heroine. Her daughter and granddaughter are going through options to help her. Kay is sure that her mother will be better off in a nursing home, where specialists will monitor her existence. The granddaughter of the heroine also wants to take care. She intends to settle with her grandmother in the same house. Relatives sincerely want to make life easier for the heroine. Only they do not know what the elderly woman herself dreams of and what tests they will have to go through.

According to some critics, the film “Relic” is difficult to attribute to the horror genre. The audience sees a family drama on the screen. Tears well up in my eyes from the inevitability of what is happening. The life path of a person is limited. It is difficult to realize the physical ephemeral nature of a loved one, his aging, withering. Heroes do not speak directly about the problem, “in person”. The director used non-standard ways to show the unfolding drama.

The meaning of the film “Relic” is to help the audience answer the “hanging in the air” question: “Why does a person become unnecessary, superfluous over time.” The director tried to identify a small room with the soul and body of a person. An elderly woman does not want to put up with her old age, with the inevitability of death. She wants to live, realizing that her path is coming to an end.

The house is filled with various traps, mysterious passages. So our life consists of turns, crossroads, ups and downs. Nobody knows what will happen in a year. External circumstances, random events influence our existence. Does the heroine remember the past? No. Despite the big memory problems, she does not think about it. She is interested in real life. Here and now. How to prolong one’s existence by postponing old age?

Kay and Sam are also trapped. They are stuck in the house. But women don’t give up. They are desperately looking for a way out. The heroines value their freedom and independence too much. However, they do not just leave the home through the front door. They fail to accomplish what they set out to do. Then the women find a makeshift hole in the wall. A narrow hole is a symbol of the breakup of a family. Once family ties were reliable. My home is my castle. This phrase is familiar to everyone. But now the old woman’s house is “bursting at the seams”, the walls are full of holes. There is no trace of the former family well-being, sincere care. It’s sad and painful to know this.

Dusty furniture. Corridors filled with useless items. The door to a happy life is slammed shut forever. Now these interior items have lost all significance. They are forgotten. They no longer pay attention. So it is with an elderly woman who understands everything. She is overcome with despair. She was not prepared for this turn of events. Relatives cannot understand her feelings and emotions. They are still too young to think about their old age. An elderly woman acts like a child in some scenes. This causes condemnation and even irritation of her daughter. The characters seem to have switched roles. Once Kay asked her mother to look under the bed and see if there was a monster there. Now the mother herself asks her daughter to repeat this. Kay was just not ready for this. She is frightened by the difficulties that come along with the aging of a loved one.

The meaning of the ending of the film “Relic” (2020)

The explosive finale of the film “Relic” opens the eyes to many things. The film shows human vices that appear at the most inopportune moment. An elderly woman needed help from her daughter, granddaughter. However, the closest people rolled away from the heroine. Kay and Sam put their independence and freedom higher than sincere and strong family ties. The burden of responsibility for them turned out to be unbearable. They gave up, they chickened out. But can they be blamed for it?

After watching the movie “Relic”, there is a lump in the throat. The unfolding family drama has raised questions that people are usually afraid to ask each other. It is not customary to talk about old age, death, inevitability. In the finale of the film, all the cards are revealed, there is no understatement. Three heroines. Three close people. Perhaps right now they have come to harmony, unity. But death cannot be delayed. When she silently enters the door, it will be too late to ask her to wait. But the last days can be brightened up by communication with caring loved ones. The unbearable journey of seeking happiness and freedom is coming to an end. The meaning of the finale of the film “Relic” is to show the viewer that one should not be angry at a fading loved one. It is important to try to share his pain.

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