Tusk Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The comedy horror film “Tusk” is a motion picture with a non-standard plot. Some critics are sure that this terrible story has nothing to do with common sense. However, there are those who were able to discern the main idea of ​​the tape, understand and accept it. The story of the popular host Wallace, who was quite content with life, was completely unprepared for the next twist of fate. An unpredictable storyline will make the viewer think about the meaning of their existence.

The meaning of the film “Tusk”

The deep meaning of the horror film “Tusk”: analysis of the film. The film “Tusk” is definitely for an amateur. A real madness unfolds on the screen. The story shown is disgusting. The vile image of a walrus does not go out of my head. What was it? The unpredictable intricate plot “knocks out” the ground from under its feet. It is so unrealistic, but at the same time the viewer understands that the director, with the help of metaphors and images, showed the vile deeds of a person.

The dialogue between the old man and Wallace is filled with deep meaning. The viewer listens carefully to every word in order to understand the main idea. The old man tells his story. Once he was faced with horrors and fears that many simply cannot bear to endure. However, the character was able to stay alive. But the trials that he had to go through left a deep mark on his psyche. The hero did not cope with the emotions and feelings that he had to endure.

The old man tested people for strength over and over again, choosing a new victim for himself. He was interested in the inner strength that is hidden in every person. But most people did not stand his test. But the hour that the old man had been waiting for all his life had come. The hero has found a suitable opponent. Wallace had a similar set of personality traits, but kept a secret for a long time. However, you can’t run away from yourself.

The film “Tusk” is not about the lust for life. This film shows the story of a man who did not want to exist according to the rules accepted in society. He lived the way he was comfortable. Other people’s interests and values ​​did not matter much to him. But even in a self-created world, he felt uncomfortable. The hero for a long time could not understand what was happening to him. He was not like everyone else. He simply lacked a sense of compassion, he never showed sympathy. And here he was alone with the old man. The physical injuries of the hero became the personification of his vile thoughts.

The film is absurdly filled with ridiculous events. The film “Tusk” showed human vices that are disgusting. The whole world turned its back on Wallace. Even his best friend and girlfriend betrayed him. The point of the movie “Tusk” is also that not all people can be trusted. Sometimes a prudent and greedy type is hiding behind a merry fellow, ready to step over anyone. You can’t judge people solely by their appearance. Perhaps, after the experienced psychological trauma, the person withdrew into himself. Sometimes people are too cruel. Their disgusting deeds do not know the boundaries of what is permitted. However, the boomerang rule has not been canceled. If you have acted meanly to another, you will have to answer for it. Not now. But the time will come.

The plot of the film is difficult to understand at first glance. Ridiculous images border on insanity. But it sets the tone for the entire film. The human form can be lost by anyone who acts like an animal. It’s scary when a person becomes an uncontrollable monster. This simply cannot be allowed. It is important to live in harmony with oneself and clearly know the limits of what is permitted. Otherwise, vile deeds, lack of moral principles can lead to irreversible consequences. Man himself “pulls” himself to the bottom. It depends only on us what life principles we will rely on. In any, even the most difficult situation, it is important to remain human. Even if you really want to take the easier path.

The meaning of the finale of the film “Tusk”

The film “Tusk” in the horror genre shows the line between love and violence. Man and animal. The meaning of the finale of the film is that the viewer understands what actions and deeds turn people into “monsters”. Sometimes human meanness knows no bounds. The film “Tusk” causes ambiguous emotions. The viewer closely follows the events, not understanding what will happen next.

Sometimes animal instincts wake up in people. Vile thoughts of a person have a great influence on his external manifestation. Such a character can hardly be called responsible and honest. He pursues only his own selfish goals. Wallace wasted his life on dubious interests. The hero really wanted to get an interview with a person who got confused in life and made a rash step. However, the popular presenter acted only for his own benefit. He was indifferent to the internal state of the characters. He needed ratings. The thirst to become even more famous played a cruel joke with him.

Some critics believe that at the end of the film, the protagonist fell into the swamp of his own ambitions. He could not live in human society as a man. The character has turned into an animal that finds it difficult to understand the emotions and feelings of others. A sad movie about how a few wrong steps change the direction of the whole life.

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