Promising Young Woman Ending Explained & Film Analysis

In the center of the story is a bright and self-confident blonde. The heroine opens a real hunt for lustful guys. A few years ago, the girl was a university student. She was predicted a great future. But all this is in the past. Cassandra’s dreams were not destined to come true. Now the heroine lives with her parents. She works at a local coffee shop. Unknown to those close to Cassandra, she often goes to bars for a specific purpose. Visiting entertainment establishments, the girl expects to find a guy who is greedy for defenseless women. To “catch” such a man, the heroine pretends to be drunk and not understanding what is happening. Just what drives a girl at such moments? Let’s try to figure out what the true meaning is in the film Promising Young Woman.

The Deep Meaning of Promising Young Woman

The film reveals issues related to the rejection of male concerns. The girl takes revenge on those who cannot control their lustful desires. This is a kind of story about the place of a woman in the world of men who do not need high light relationships and strong feelings. They have different goals and interests. They are attracted to defenseless women.

The film Promising Young Woman reveals such a thing as human selfishness. The creators of the film claim that he is present in both the stronger and the weaker sex. In the center of the storyline is the thirty-year-old Cassandra. Once she showed great promise, having entered the medical university. But then the girl suddenly dropped out of school. Relatives did not understand the motives of her act. Cassandra went to work in a cheap cafe. Almost every evening the girl goes hunting. The heroine pretends that she cannot stand on her feet. And every time a kind guy “hurries to the rescue” to her, ready to help her get home. But the promised help the girl does not receive. The man takes her to his house. These guys are interested in light sex with a drunken and not particularly resistant Cassandra. How wrong they are.

The heroine of the film is always in control. The fact that she cannot stand on her feet is just a game. At the very last moment, Cassandra takes off the mask of a girl who does not understand anything. Concerned men cannot comprehend what is happening. Sexual abuse has one of the harshest penalties, so a girl always gets what she wants. Confident Cassandra plays with men’s fears.

The meaning of the film Promising Young Woman is that often people think only about themselves. They do not want to understand and know how others feel. People are only interested in their own lives. They don’t think about what others are experiencing. Cassandra mercilessly fights human egoism. And she does this not only for herself. The girl pursues not only her own goals, but also the goals of others. Why did Cassandra choose this path for herself? What does she want to achieve?

The viewer almost until the very end of the film cannot understand the motivation of the main character. The girl could become an excellent doctor, a professional in her field. She had both the opportunity and the ability to do so. But one night put an end to her medical career. This event became fatal. Cassandra’s life has changed once and for all.

The main character is a sophisticated and fragile girl. She attracts the attention of men. Only they do not understand what inner strength, determination it contains. The girl had to endure an internal tragedy. In her student years, Cassandra’s arch friend was raped. The director of the film focuses on this moment. The fatal event did not happen to Cassandra, but to a person close to her. But those who did it went unpunished. This incident did not continue. The university tried to disengage from this situation, no one wanted to spoil the image. Men did not hide their superiority, they began to mock the girl’s best friend. Surrounding people were sure that alcohol intoxication was to blame. Cassandra couldn’t stay away.

In the film, the behavior of men was condemned. Their selfish antics should not become the norm. These characters are repulsive. Women in the film are presented as victims of the situation. These are weak and intimidated heroines who do not understand how they should live on. But not Cassandra. She is assigned the role of the savior of not only women, but also men. In one episode, the guy fell on his knees in front of the girl, he repented. Cassandra forgave him. The heroine of the picture knew how to empathize and sympathize with others. These qualities were one of the key in her character. Cassandra thought about more than just herself. She took revenge not for herself, but for those who fell victim to such situations. The girl could not only execute, but also forgive.

Cassandra exists in a world where despicable deeds have become the norm. The film shows the inner ugliness, which some of the characters skillfully concealed. The main idea of ​​the film Promising Young Woman is that it is important for a person to show compassion and pay attention to others. Perhaps someone right now needs a helping hand.

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