The Bucket List Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The Bucket List is one of the famous tragicomedies directed by Rob Reiner, which managed to find tens of millions of fans. Upon its premiere, the film received a nomination for Best Picture, Musical Score. This is an instructive story about two men who learn about their terrible diagnosis and realize that they have little time left to live. They have cancer, they have different characters. But they are united by a single goal – in the allotted time to realize all their desires in life, as in the film “Green Book” .

So today we will analyze the meaning of the film The Bucket List, and also go through the plot and the main characters of the picture. So sit back, it will be interesting!

Plot Summary of The Bucket List

The plot revolves around Carter Chambers and Edward Cole, who learn about their oncology at the same time and decide to team up. Carter is an ordinary auto mechanic, but very well-read and erudite. Because of the malignant tumor, Chambers is told that he will live for a year, maybe less. They recommend that he go to the hospital, and he agrees. Roommate Edward Cole is a billionaire owner of the hospital. Despite his condition, he also suffers from cancer. Doctors say that he has no more than six months left.

Carter loves his family, showing friendliness and calmness. He did not manage to amass untold wealth, like his neighbor, but he has something to live for. Edward is in distress because he has no relatives and relatives.

Carter and Edward take a photo with weapons in their handsPhoto:

He is straightforward and quite cold in communication. After thinking about the rest of his life, Chambers decides to make a list of things he wanted to do before he died. However, not knowing the exact date of death, the man abandons his idea. However, Edward picks up the discarded sheet and decides to realize his plan. The billionaire takes care of all expenses.

In the written plan, he adds a few more points for a brighter trip. Carter’s wife is outraged by the idea, as she is more at ease when he is in the hospital. Edward’s venture becomes the last chance for them to feel real life.

Partners visit the most wonderful places on the planet, see the grandeur of architecture and nature. Chambers and Cole get to know each other. Edward shares with Carter that he has a daughter whom he hasn’t seen in years due to a major fight. When the friends return home, Carter asks Edward to see her. He responds aggressively.

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Chambers spent some time at home with his family, and then he was returned to hospitals and he died. Realizing that the friend with whom he spent the best time of his life has passed away, the hero is in disarray. Shock gives impetus to reconciliation with her daughter. He puts up with her, and dies himself.

The meaning of the film The Bucket List

Before us is a philosophical film, each phrase in which matters. The key idea is contained in the slogan: “get off while you can . ”

The point of the film is to act before it’s played in the box; to implement creative, working plans, thoughts and ideas before it is too late.

The main characters are photographed against the backdrop of the pyramids in Egypt

The plot of this film shows us that human life is short and can end at any moment. Discover the joys of life, realize what you always wanted, do a good deed – this is just a small list of messages that the film director wanted to convey.

In order not to regret what has not been done, what has not been said, you need to pull yourself together and begin to act. But spending precious time on fear, insecurity, doubt and anger is not worth it.

On this, our analysis of the film The Bucket List came to an end. What do you think about the meaning of this picture? We look forward to your activity in the comments.

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