The Blind Side Ending Explained & Film Analysis

“The Blind Side”: the meaning of the film based on real events. A film with meaning The Blind Side is a film that has touched the hearts of millions of people and received over four awards and nominations. The plot, based on the real life story of Michael Ohr, tells the story of a difficult teenager who becomes a famous American football player. Despite the sports bias, the film has a deep meaning, which we will talk about today.

Brief story

The film reveals the life of aspiring athlete Michael Ohr. This is a sensitive and kind young man with big muscles. A 16-year-old boy is left alone with his problems in a criminal district. Michael’s mother suffers from drug addiction, his father left, and relatives quickly disappear because they do not want to take responsibility for the teenager. He briefly ends up in an orphanage and dreams of a real family. A teenager withdraws into himself, does not trust anyone, runs away at the first opportunity.

Michael communicates with his adoptive motherPhoto:

One day his dream will come true. Ora’s mother is deprived of parental rights, and he is placed under state guardianship, looking for a school for the guy. Lee Ann Tui takes him under a reliable wing. It does not bother her that the boy is black. The woman begins to love the boy as her own. Gradually, she notices in him an interest in sports, sends him to a school with a bias, and the guy shows his talent. Thus begins the career of one of the best American football players.

What is the movie about

The film explores the following themes:

  • love for one’s neighbor;
  • the importance of the family;
  • spiritual nobility;
  • the meaning of life is kindness and generosity.

The director tells us that we need to appreciate our parents, it is important not to become selfish and indifferent to someone else’s grief. I lend a helping hand, always pay attention to the beautiful in this cruel and indifferent world.

Foster mother talks hard to Michael

This film is a clear proof that in the world there are not only bad, but also good people who are capable of love and compassion. The author, by bringing together Michael and Lee, who have nothing in common, shows that a big heart and love can work wonders.

Lee, before meeting her adopted son, had everything in life that a person can dream of. She had a big house, a strong family, a high social status, and a successful business. Despite her husband and two own children, the woman could not get past the difficult fate of the young man. She could see the kindness and sincerity in him.

Here one of the main meanings of the work is emphasized: the support of a loved one is crucial in self-determination and the creation of a real personality.

Lee is on the phone with MichaelPhoto:

Lee got a chance to invest her emotions, strength, and means in raising a real sports star, a respectable person who will multiply her contribution to improving the lives of others.


The real Michael, along with his foster family, founded a fund to help children who find themselves on the street.

The main point of the sports drama is that the value of life is not in hoarding, but in using the accumulated funds for the benefit of other people.

On this, our analysis of the film “The Blind Side” came to an end. Do you have questions or suggestions? We look forward to your activity in the comments.

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