The Best Space Exploration Movies of All Time

Starting to write this collection, we decided to take a look at the existing articles of our colleagues as usual. Surprise (indignation) knew no bounds – most of the proposed films only near space lay. Simply put, I have almost nothing to do with it, and if they have, then the most minimal. As a result, below you will find an article about the best films about space in which it really is. We mean, of course, outer space, with all its attributes: impenetrable blackness, stars, planets, the incinerating sun, lack of oxygen, sound and life. Go!

Apollo 13 (1995)

The amount of space in the frame: only views from the hatch

Based on real events, the story tells the story of the accident that occurred on the Apollon 13 comic ship. A ship with three astronauts on board was supposed to land on the moon, becoming the third after Apollo 11 and Apollo 12.

The last place in this top is due to the fact that the main action takes place on a spaceship, and space itself remains beyond its borders. Despite this, this film describes the work of astronauts and NASA staff as best as possible. Shows the real cosmos (let through the glass) – merciless, but so beautiful.

frame from the movie "Apollo 13"

Alien (1979)

The amount of space in the frame: less than wanted

In the near future, the commercial tugboat Nostromo returning to Earth intercepts an unidentified signal coming from a previously unexplored planet. The ship’s warning system wakes the crew, which was previously in suspended animation, and using the costs of the protocol makes them visit the planet.

“Alien”, along with all its sequels, has long gained the status of “cult”. The film is one of the best representatives of sci-fi horrors, and its visual (and not only) component continues to please so far, despite the fact that the movie was shot almost 40 years ago. Recommended for viewing.

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Sunshine (2007)

The amount of space in the frame: normal

In the near future, the sun is fading. The last hope of mankind is the Ikar II spaceship, the purpose of which is to deliver a powerful nuclear charge to the Sun in order to light it again.

Of course, “Sunshine” is the most underestimated film of this top, although we will not hide it – for us it seemed a little boring / drawn out. In any case, if you like a good thriller on board a spaceship, the film should get better.

frame from the film "Hell"

Moon (2009)

The amount of space in the frame: enough

Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) while away the time at the lunar mining complex. His shift has been going on for three years, and a wife and a growing daughter are waiting at home. A few weeks before the deadline, his successor was at the complex, who looked like Sam like two drops of water.

The film was shot for little money relative to its genre. Almost all electronic devices in frames are layouts. Despite this, the picture is a good representative of science fiction and excellent films of “one actor”.

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Interstellar (2014)

The amount of space in the frame: more than

The time of mankind on Earth is inexorably coming to an end. For this reason, using a recently opened space-time tunnel, a team of researchers from Earth flies in search of habitable planets.

In the year of its release, Interstellar became a real breakthrough in the field of science fiction. Recommended for viewing.

Martian (2015)

The amount of space in the frame: relatively few (without Mars) / many (including Mars)

The near future. Astronaut-botanist Mark Watney (Matt Damon) arrives on Mars as part of a research expedition. After some time, a group of scientists is overtaken by a sandstorm, and they hastily leave the planet. During the evacuation, Mark has an accident. Members of the group believe that he died, and fly away without him. Fortunately, Mark does not die, but now he has to survive on a lonely and unsuitable Red planet.

If we talk about being on Mars as being in space, then this film should go right before Gravity. Despite this, in our top he was able to get only to third place. Perhaps because Mars in the “Martian” is perceived not quite as a planet, but rather as an independent negative hero, because it is with him that Mark Watney will have to fight for survival.

frame from the movie "Martian"

 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

The amount of space in the frame: a lot

The plot of the film tells about the meetings of mankind with an unknown black monolith, affecting the entire human evolution. The first meeting with the stone takes place at the beginning of time, with the ancient people having been encouraged to use tools. The second – during the expedition to the moon.

“2001: A Space Odyssey” is one of the most complex and philosophically filled films of the top. The picture does not have a clear structure (except for division into chapters) and represents a set of slow-combined scenes accompanied by classical music.

Gravity (2013)

The amount of space in the frame: a lot

Astronaut engineer Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), repairing the Hubble telescope in open space, falls under a hail of flying debris. A colleague Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) finds Ryan flying off, but he soon sacrifices himself to save the girl. Ryan is left alone.

“Gravity” is the absolute record holder for the amount of space per minute of screen time. Almost all of the main action takes place either in outer space or on forgotten space stations.

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