The best series about time and travel in time parallels or how you can meet your own young mother

Many people like series about time travel for the opportunity to plunge into past centuries and see with their own eyes how people lived before. As a rule, screenwriters come up with intriguing plot twists, time loops and parallel realities. So the audience will definitely not be bored.

Therefore, today, in one of the time parallels, we will consider several series about time travel. Get comfortable, it will be interesting!

Sign in history

Get stuck in historyPhoto:

Here is a comedy series in which the creators have collected a lot of historical figures. However, the writers did not follow the serious logic. For example, instead of a time machine, the heroes have a magical sleeping bag. However, not everyone understood the humor of the creators.

In the center of the plot, the loser Dan finds himself in 1775, who created a relationship with a girl from the past. Returning to his present, he realizes that he has irreparably changed history. Therefore, he decides to start everything from the beginning, and correct the flaws. However, our hero does not do very well.

Genre – comedy, adventure.


Personnel - ContinuumPhoto:

The start of this series was so good that the pilot episode broke all records on Showcase. For two seasons, the creators kept the audience in the dark and intrigued with a twisted plot. However, in the third season, the writers overcomplicated the plot, which caused an outflow of the audience.

The story revolves around police officer Kira Cameron, who is assisted by young computer genius Alec Sadler. According to the plot, a group of terrorists from 2077 come up with a technology to take over the world. On the eve of their arrest, they move to 2012 to put their plans into action. Accordingly, our Kira will resist them.

Genre – action, thriller.

Out of time

Actors of the series Out of Time

Before us is the project of Eric Kripke, who had previously worked a lot on Supernatural. The author managed to show a twisted and interesting plot. The only thing that can confuse the viewer is poor-quality special effects due to a limited budget.

In the center of the plot is the villain Garcia Flynn, who steals a time machine to destroy the United States in the past. To do this, she moves in time and kills people who are iconic for the country.

The villain is followed by a group of scientists and a military man who are trying to prevent Garcia’s crimes, along the way returning the story to everything familiar. However, every movement of the main characters invariably affects their future.

Genre – action, adventure.

Man of the future

Frames of the series "Man of the Future"

This series was created by longtime partners Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, which largely determined the atmosphere of the plot and the setting of the project. This couple has already established themselves as masters of black humor, which often goes beyond the limits of decency.

In the plot of the masses of irony on the past and insane alternative realities.

Speaking of him. At the center of the story is a shy guy, Josh Futturman, who works as a janitor at a research center. He spends all his free time from communicating with a mop playing a computer game about post-apocalyptic survival.

To his horror, he realizes that everything that happens on the screen is real, so he is not very surprised when the main characters of the game call on him to help them save their home world by going into the past.

Genre – fantasy, comedy.

12 monkeys

The series "12 Monkeys"

The plot is based on the film of the same name, in which the main role was played by Bruce Willis. However, gradually the plot is gaining momentum, moving away from the original.

The story follows prisoner James Cole, who is sent back in time to find Patient Zero. For the main character, this will be redemption before Themis, but the world will be saved.

Yes, it’s the 21st century, and a deadly virus has practically destroyed humanity, and drove the remnants of the race underground. Scientists know that the first outbreaks of the virus were seen in 2015. Therefore, we need a person who will prevent the global extinction of man as a species.

Genre – thriller, drama.

Ministry of Time

Screensaver for the series Ministry of Time

On the territory of Spain, a secret organization was created that uses the “doors of time” so that employees can travel between eras and prevent a change in the natural course of events.

The plot revolves around a team consisting of an ambulance driver, a girl from the 19th century, and a soldier who was executed in 1569.

It is noteworthy that against the backdrop of saving the world by changing the past, the heroes discuss quite pressing issues about the shortcomings of salaries, dream of rest and a pleasant pastime. It is also very pleasant that the plot revolves more around the history of Spain, and does not concentrate, as is already customary, on the United States.

Genre – fantasy, adventure, comedy

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