The best films about hunters for lovers of fresh air, nature and adrenaline in the blood

Films about hunters are popular with viewers, as directors pay great attention to nature, its beauties, strong and strong-willed people, as well as predatory beautiful animals.

We have prepared for you some remarkable films that are worth watching if you are a fan of this genre. So grab something tasty and let’s get started!


Movie PredatorsPhoto:

Just a safari in the protected area of ​​Kenya turns into a desperate survival. The attack of a wild rhinoceros was only the first test of strength for a simple American family, which was left without means of communication and transportation.

However, in the land of wild animals, not only they are dangerous, but also dangerous poachers. To survive in such conditions, humanity will have to be forgotten.


Marine (2006Photo:

The main character of this film about hunters is John Twyton, a marine who was transferred to the reserve against his will. Upon returning to his homeland, he realizes that his beautiful wife is being kidnapped by a gang of hunters for precious metals and stones. They are led by a terrible killer, and now he has to apply all his experience to save his beloved.

Survival game

Survival game"Photo:

A lonely young man is invited to a winter retreat to work as a survival instructor. The unsuspecting man agrees, and oversees the collection of the company of hunters. However, the next morning it turns out that our new instructor will be the game.

The pursuers give him time to run away to start the game. And men with small arms on all-terrain vehicles soon set off in pursuit.

Now an unarmed person will have to overcome his animal fear and turn the situation around 180 degrees – now he is a hunter, not a victim.

gray top

gray topPhoto:

Joseph and his family, consisting of his wife and 12-year-old daughter, live in a forest house. They make a living by catching and skinning trapped animals. However, in recent years, making ends meet has become increasingly difficult.

Everything becomes completely bad when a cunning wolf appears in the surrounding forests, which devastates all the traps. Then Joseph decides to deal with him one on one.

Ghost and Darkness

Ghost and Darkness.1996.Photo: Yandex Zen

Outside in 1898. Builder-Colonel John Patterson receives an urgent task to build a bridge across the river in the province of Tsavo in Africa. He always dreamed of visiting this continent, so he happily leaves his pregnant wife and goes on a business trip.

A crowd of workers of different faiths is waiting for him on the spot. However, they are all united by the fear of man-eating lions. On the very first day of work, one of these crippled a worker, and Patterson manages to shoot the beast.

Everyone rejoices, construction is proceeding at an accelerated pace, but soon the workers begin to hunt again.



This film about hunters begins unexpectedly – a group of hardened criminals finds themselves on a desert island in the realm of forests, swamps, rivers and wildlife. It seems that nothing can frighten people who can no longer be re-educated and admitted into society.

However, they soon realize that they are being hunted.


Film "Alpha"Photo:

Outside 20,000 years ago. The earth then was uncomfortable and cold, in which a novice person was in danger at every step.

The protagonist of the film about a hunter is a young guy who is ahead of everyone in terms of his level of development. He will have to find his way home, face the revived fears and overcome them.

Perhaps the development of all mankind depends on the success of his journey.


Stills from the movie RiddickPhoto:

Riddick was betrayed and abandoned by his own on a deserted planet teeming with predators. The man still manages to become the top of the food chain, and now he diligently paves his way for revenge when it suits him.

The end point of his journey is Fury’s home planet, which he has to save from total destruction.

Doctor Sleep

Doctor SON.Photo: Yandex Zen

It has been many years since psychic boy Danny Torrance had a nightmare with his father at the Overlook Hotel. Having never recovered from the death of a parent, the already matured young man prefers to be a marginal and an alcoholic.

One day, a girl named Abra forms a bond with him and is being hunted by the True Knot group. Their main goal is to find and capture gifted children around the world.

Vesyegonsk she-wolf

Vesyegonskaya she-wolf" (2004) .Photo:

The hero of this film is Yegor, to whom his father gave all the skills of a real wolf hunter. He lives, like his grandfathers and great-grandfathers, on earth together with nature. The guy continues to hunt, shoots the wolves. However, everything changes after he meets a very smart and unusual she-wolf.

Man and beast will have to go through a lot of trials, experience a range of feelings in order to eventually come to a common denominator between the two animals.

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