The 100 Season 7 Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The final episodes of the seventh season of the film “The 100” were extremely unexpected. Few could have imagined that at the end of the series, the bulk of humanity would become energy beings. A person must have some kind of superpowers to predict just such an outcome.

Another unexpected twist is Clarke’s meeting with Lexa. However, she failed to successfully pass the test. But first things first. The commander of death seems to substitute himself. His exit to the pier was for the sake of achieving one goal. The character wanted to eliminate Cadogan. The hero did not expect such an outcome, but this cannot be considered his main goal. Mankind sought not only to set a higher bar for itself, but also to overcome it. The actors had to climb the evolutionary ladder exclusively upwards. But the main character made his choice. Before the viewer again appears Alicia Debnam-Carey. Just who is hiding behind her appearance. The surprise for the viewer was that it was not Lexa who was standing on the screen.

The meaning of the ending of season 7 of The 100 is in the words of the Judge. The heroine says that people often imitate those they want to be like, who they want to learn from. Also, those whom they love very much, idolize, have a great influence on them. Significant for people throughout their lives are also those who caused them significant suffering. If a person has experienced the greatest failure, it will forever remain in his memory. Strong impressions, regardless of their benefit or harm, leave their mark on the rest of your life.

Lexa was everything to Cadogan. She became a source of his inspiration. It was because of her that he fell into depression. With the help of characters, the viewer sees the versatility of relationships. The characters experience different emotions. Sometimes they feel a breakdown, sometimes they are on an emotional upsurge. But who did Clark become for Cadogan? All of the above? Or was she not having the same impact on him that Lexa had?

Clarke can’t successfully complete his plan. She did not have enough strength, she could not withstand all the tests. Humanity has an opportunity to be saved. Raven and Octavia got a chance to make things right. The characters have fewer crimes than Clarke’s. But the heroine has gone the distance. Raven was able to convince the Judge to reconsider his position. The character needs more time. He received it. For humanity, this turned out to be extremely important. Octavia’s goal was to persuade Wonkr and his followers to leave the warpath. To save humanity, the heroes must lay down their arms. Octavia tried to convey to Wonkr that he, like his students, belonged to the same human race.

The heroine in the final series says important words. She is sure that all the heroes who enter the war do not deserve the right to survive. Whoever breeds bloody battles must bear responsibility for them. Octavia does not say what views she holds, whom she trusts. The main thing for her is that everyone lays down their arms.

Octavia understands that if she wants to achieve real results, she needs to take action. She heads for the forest. The heroine is afraid of failing. Octavia realizes that Hope needs her help. It is important for the characters to save Echo and Levitt. The actors must live as long as it takes to save the rest. They should become the hope of all mankind for salvation.

Some characters in The 100 have hidden abilities. The viewer cannot see the appearance of each character. Some characters personify inner strength, the influence of emotions on human behavior. At the end of the film, the viewer sees how all living characters turn into energies. But what is their next mission?

The heroes were united by a common consciousness. A group of alien beings created a special system, which included all the collected knowledge. The collective consciousness is called upon to solve important questions concerning all species. An important role is played by the acquired experience of alien beings. If one of the characters wishes to join the collective consciousness, certain stages must be passed. A kind of “overcoming”, which includes the rejection of the usual appearance. However, the heroes do not have to make a choice alone. This should be their collective decision. But will an entire race begin to give up its corporeal shell? The heroes can choose one more option. They have the ability to become energy trees. Many characters fell in love with the audience. Most of them expressed a desire to become a new stage in the evolution of mankind.

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