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The song “Take This Bottle” can hardly be considered one of the most popular hits of the American band Faith No More. It was not even released as a single from King for a Day… Fool for a Lifetime, which, in turn, was far less successful than its predecessors, The Real Thing and Angel Dust. She was also not seen in the major charts.

But still, this wonderful composition is liked by a lot of hard rock fans, including music lovers, who can hardly be called Faith No More fans.

There is very little information about the track on the Internet, but we managed to scrape together small excerpts for this article. In an interview with the Italian music magazine Rockerilla, when asked about the history and meaning of the song “Take This Bottle”, the members of Faith No More responded as follows:

Roddy Bottum:

One of “those” songs; you saw the video, right? The suitcases, the guitar, all of that has to be packed, and then the bus, going back and forth, girls, business backstage… You know what it’s about.

Trey Spruance:

And you saw that ad where a man brutally beats a woman – that’s all …


Phone, question marks…


People are listening with fear in their eyes, they know that something terrible is happening … It’s all in the song.

Roddy also talked a bit about how “Take This Bottle” was written:

It started almost like a country and western ballad, like a rock ballad. It was so much like them that we called it the Guns ‘n’ Roses song.


“Take This Bottle” and other songs on “King for a Day… Fool for a Lifetime” were recorded at Bearsville Studios in New York. The album was released in March 1995 by Slash Records.

Now let’s watch the music video for “Take This Bottle”.

Take This Bottle LyricsTake This Bottle LyricsI can wait to love in heaven
I can wait for you
Far away, I’ll treat you better
Better than down here
I can wait for you
Somewhere out there I’ll treat you better
Better than down here Cuz I done wrong
And I’m a little afraid
I ain’t too strong
And this ain’t easy to say:
take this bottle
take this bottle
And just walk away – the both of you
And let me feel the pain
I’ve done to you
And I’m a little afraid
I’m not that strong
And it’s not easy to say:
Take this bottle
Take this bottle
And just leave – with her
And let me be in pain
I caused you I can hope we’ll be together
With a better roof over our heads
I hope the stormy weather
It passes on, it passes on
And the roof over us will be stronger
I hope bad weather
It will pass, it will pass But I’ve hoped too long
Hope for me to change
And that hope is gone
So listen to what I say
Hoped that I would change
And there’s no hope left
So listen to what I say take this bottle

Song quote

“Take This Bottle” wasn’t ironic…

Billy Gould,

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