Summary of Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials Trilogy: Armored Bears, Gypsies, Witches and an Angel

Philip Pullman is a fairly popular writer who has recently completed work on his Dark Materials trilogy. This project took him time and effort, but gave readers a lot of positive emotions.

So today we will briefly analyze the plot of each of the books in the series, so that it is clearer how it all ended. Get comfortable, it will be interesting!

Northern lights

The first book tells us about a fictional world where science and magic coexist. A lot of witches, armored bears, as well as other fantastic characters live here. Stability in relations between different races is supported by the Magisterium religious organization.

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Before us is also a girl named Lyra Belacqua, who lives in Oxford at the college. The girl’s parents died under strange circumstances, but her uncle Azriel is a powerful lord who often travels to the North. Just in one of these, he manages to get the mysterious Dust. He wants to set up a laboratory in London to study it.

While her uncle is away, Lyra is taken into the care of Mrs. Coulter, but the girl runs away from her as soon as she realizes that she is not who she claims to be. So the baby gets to the wandering gypsies.

Now her path lies to the far North, where the camp goes to save her children, who were kidnapped by the “priests”.

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There, she encounters armored bears and also learns about her uncle’s plans. She is also overjoyed that her parents did not die. Now she is approaching the ice fortress of Bolvangar with her friends to thwart Evil’s plans.

Miraculous knife

The second novel begins with the scene of the last action of the Northern Lights. Lyra Belacqua ends up in Chittagazze, a city located in another world. Here, part of the people die at the hands of Ghosts who see only adults.

Here the girl learns that there is another parallel world, where there are the same cities and countries as in her real world. From there, by the way, a guy named Will Parry had previously escaped. Together with the lyre, they try to find the uncle and father of the young man. Despite her desperate desire to find Dust and Lord Asriel, the alethiometer tells the girl that she should concentrate on finding Will’s father.

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Meanwhile, a council of witches gathers in Belacqua’s home world, where the chapter says that the prophecy is slowly but surely coming true. Therefore, she and her twenty best warriors are also sent to the parallel world of Chittagazze.

amber telescope

In the third part of the collection, events unfold even richer and faster. Lord Asriel is gathering an army in order to defeat the Church and the Sovereign – the first angel who created the Earth. To do this, he needs Dust, Will and Lyra.

Having learned about the plans of the lord, the Church sends an assassin to kill Belacqua, who in subsequent events is destined for the role of the new Eve.

However, Lyra’s true friends get in the way of the killer, and together they go through a lot of adventures. At the end of the book, Lord Asriel will die, like Lyra’s newfound parents, she will lose Will, who managed to fall in love during the journey together.

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However, the girl herself manages to return to her home world, where she often thinks about Will.

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