Strangers From Hell Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Dramas have been under the scrutiny of understanding viewers for a long time. Indeed, the special genre and extraordinary style of such art films allows you to take a fresh look at the works of Korean cinema. The series “Strangers from Hell” really stirred up the audience, because the features of the plot and the reality of what is happening seem to introduce people to the world on the other side of light and darkness. A lot of reviews about the series testify to the interest in the work, positive assessments of the dynamism of the series and the reality of everything that happens prevail, which plunges into real shock and horror, as required by the film genre.

What will the movie be about

The drama “Strangers from Hell” has become one of the best works presented by Korean cinema this year. The second translation of the title of the painting is “Hell is Others”, which can be regarded as a reference to the famous work of Sartre, the play “Behind Closed Doors”. The movie is based on the webtoon of the same name by Kim Yong Hee and released last year. However, the last chapters have now been removed from all sources, and have not been translated into Russian either.

The director of the drama, Kim Yong Hee, aimed to create a series that would be interesting to a wide range of viewers. Judging by the active views of the picture and positive reviews, the film is really of interest to everyone who wants to feel the oddities of the plot, feel the horror of what is happening and enjoy an extraordinary and deep plot.

Storyline of the painting

In the series, the main character is a young boy who tries his hand at writing. He decides to conquer a major city and moves from the outskirts in search of better opportunities and a brighter life. But since he is completely short of money, the boy has to settle in a hotel, or hostel, with the lowest level of service.

Despite the optimistic name of the Rai hostel, the conditions in the hotel are simply terrible: the lights are constantly flashing in the room, the neighbors are a gangster, a adult video lover and a laughing weird stutterer, and the room is terribly dirty. But there was no choice. Cats began to disappear in the district, meat of a strange appearance and taste appeared in the refrigerator. On the fourth floor, where no one lives, someone was constantly making noise.

But there are also pleasant moments: a dentist of good appearance and a nice hostess of the studio. At work, the guy doesn’t get along very well, and his friend laid eyes on the girl. In a word, the life of a guy is not without pleasant moments, but it is not at all simple.

TV series genre

To get the most complete picture of the drama, you should analyze its belonging to a particular genre. “Strangers from Hell” is definitely a thriller, everything in it is filmed quite harshly and close to real life.

The series is positioned as a horror movie, and indeed, it has enough bloody and creepy scenes. The drama also belongs to the suspense: dark long corridors with a dentist’s ball played an important role here. But the real gem of the picture should be called a tightly twisted plot, which throughout all 9 episodes becomes more and more tight, and in the last episode it unwinds as if a bomb had exploded.

An additional bonus for the audience is the chicly performed soundtracks and the general atmosphere of tension, which do not “let go” until the very end. And the color scheme and gloomy interiors create a gloomy mood and a constant anticipation of something terrible.

Strangers From Hell Movie ending explained

According to the course of the picture and the development of the storyline, the final shots logically follow from everything that happens on the screen. The denouement of the series is not “leaked”, which greatly increases the degree of interest in the drama. Not all the actors survived, but the survivors will never be the same again. Everything is logical, happy ending is inappropriate here.

The terrible and completely human fate of the protagonist is a consequence of the fact that hell was not outside, but inside him. Most viewers evaluate the ending of the drama as the only correct and logical decision, and thanks to the chic directing, no one will get bored while watching.

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