Lost Review: What Does the Ending of Mean?

Lost the meaning of the series, explanation of the ending. Lost is one of the most popular television series of the 21st century. This is one of those shows that started the modern television revolution. TV series have ceased to be associated with viewers with a low genre and have stood on a par with cinema. The series “Lost”, the meaning of which was not understood by everyone, leaves more questions than answers.

With each new season, the mythology of the mysterious island became more and more intricate and acquired new mystical details. It may seem that by the end, the writers and showrunners have lost the thread of the story. But it is not so. To understand the meaning of the series “Lost”, you should first briefly recall its content.

Summary of the series Lost

The plot revolves around a group of passengers on a flight who survived a crash on a desert island. A group of diverse people will have to fight for survival far from civilization. The longer the survivors stay on the island, the more they become convinced that something fantastic is happening here, and help will not come.

First, wheelchair-bound disabled John Locke is miraculously healed. Secondly, a mysterious black smoke roams the forest, sweeping away everything in its path. And this is just the beginning of the trouble. Then they discover the truth about the underground bunker, after which they meet with the Others.

Key characters:

  • Jack is a former surgeon and leader of the survivors.
  • Sawyer is an adventurer and con artist with a good heart.
  • Kate – a girl with a dark past and the object of love from Jack and Sawyer
  • John Locke is a wheelchair user who was healed after being stranded on the island.

The TV series “Lost”, the meaning of which is quite abstract and can be interpreted in different ways depending on the personal experience of the viewer, captures from the first season. Before us are people who were not happy in their former life. As the story progresses, we are told about each of the survivors. And behind each of them there are many sins and unfortunate defeats. On the island, they get a chance to abstract from past mistakes and find spiritual harmony. In simple words, here they atone for sins before falling into some other world following the material one.

Interesting fact! One of the creators of the series was the now famous director and producer J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, Star Wars)

Plot Explanation

The fact that the island is a kind of “Purgatory” becomes clear closer to the finale. But before the series “Lost” ended, the authors brought up many other topics that are familiar to everyone.

In particular, in the plot you can find a great many religious references to biblical stories, Buddhism and mythology. Here lies another sacred meaning of Lost laid down by the authors. God is one for all, and religion is just a convention. In the last series of Lost, the meaning of which personifies the transition of heroes from purgatory to the upper world, all the heroes find themselves in a church. This confirms the popular one that the passengers of the airliner are, in general, dead. But they died at different times and under different circumstances: some a long time ago, others now. They all come together for the last time to say goodbye and go to another world.

Lost: the meaning of the ending

Thus, the meaning of the “Lost” ending is simpler than it might seem at first glance. Passengers, before leaving for another world, went through the island through the atonement of the sins they committed during their lifetime. Life after death, according to the authors of the series, is possible. At the same time, the island is a place that maintains the worldly balance of the forces of Light and Darkness, Good and Evil.

On a note! According to the logic of the plot, the Island, being “Purgatory”, is real, and the plane crash is real, just like all the events that took place on it are real. This is a complex multi-level construction that originated in ancient times, as described in the latest Lost series, the meaning of which is dedicated to the Overseer and Black Smoke.

You can puzzle over the ending and the sacred meaning of the Lost series as much as you like, or you can just enjoy watching an exciting adventure series with a touch of mysticism. In it, everyone can find something interesting for themselves, regardless of religious and ideological preferences. Here is a whole palette of heroes with deeply developed characters. “Lost” is a classic of the television format that has not lost its former relevance.

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