Meaning of Thunder by Imagine Dragons & Song Story

Dan Reynolds often uses his own life experiences as inspiration. In many compositions, he shares emotional problems, talks about overcoming psychological difficulties and recalls his personal growth.

The song Thunder from Imagine Dragons’ album Evolve is also autobiographical. Let’s find out what it is about and under what circumstances it was written.

The story of creation and the meaning of the song Thunder

In Thunder, Dan reminisces about his high school years and difficult relationships with peers. He did not fit into the ideas of classmates about what a modern guy should look like, and often became the object of ridicule.

To quote Reynolds:

When I was in high school, I only had one friend. This is not a tearful story… It’s just the truth. I didn’t know how to make friends. I had a really tough adolescence. Terrible pimples, mouth dilator, because of which all the teeth were a centimeter apart – in general, I did not fit into any group.

Every day I went home and created music on the computer – that’s how I escaped. This was my secret. This is how Imagine Dragons started. I hate the word “outcast” because it’s a cliché, but I was a bit of a recluse. I feel like I’ve been stuck in the head of a teenager for fifteen years. Because of this, Imagine Dragons’ music is always so unsettling, exaggerated, dramatic, almost like a middle schooler complaining…


Dan Reynolds talked about what the song Thunder is about:

…I’m very glad that in middle and high school my existence was really shitty, and I was kicked out of college. I’m thinking [в песне] about all those things and say, “Well, I’m glad about everything, because it brought me to the current position. It created an anxiety in me that gave rise to art.

Lad Vegas Review-Journal, 2017

Recording and release

The composition was recorded with the participation of producer Alex Da Kid (Alex Da Kid), also known for his work with Eminem, Dr. Dre, Rihanna, Puff Daddy and other stars.

In April 2017, Thunder was released as the second single from Imagine Dragons’ album Evolve.

The song topped four Billboard charts and peaked at number four on the Hot 100. She hit the charts in several dozen countries. In most of them, the track ended up in the top 10.

The official Imagine Dragons remix was recorded with American singer K.Flay.

Video Thunder – Imagine Dragons

Director Joseph Kahn directed the Thunder video for Imagine Dragons. Filming of the fantastic video took place in Dubai.

Dan Reynolds explained why they chose the city in the United Arab Emirates:

We knew that we needed an alien environment or something that we could imagine as alien. Dubai has really unusual architecture, amazing architecture and landscapes.

ABC Radio

Watch the video clip of Thunder – Imagine Dragons.

Cover versions

A beautiful version of Thunder was presented by J.Fla.

Interesting Facts

  • There is a myth that Dan Reynolds’ little daughter sang the part in a high voice. Actually, it’s his vocals.
  • Thunder is used in commercials for Jeep and Microsoft Surface Laptop.

Thunder Lyrics by Imagine Dragons

Just a young gun with a quick fuse
I was uptight, wanna let loose
I was dreaming of bigger things
And wanna leave my own life behind
Not a “yes sir”, not a follower
Fit the box, fit the mold
Have a seat in the foyer, take a number
I was lightning before the thunder

Thunder, feel the thunder
Lightning and the thunder
Thunder, feel the thunder
Lightning and the thunder
Thunder, thunder

Kids were laughing in my classes
While I was scheming for the masses
Who do you think you are?
Dreaming ’bout being a big star
You say you’re basic, you say you’re easy
You’re always riding in the back seat
Now I’m smiling from the stage
While you were clapping in the nose bleeds


Thunder Lyrics Alternative

Just a young man with a hot temper
I was nervous, I wanted freedom
I dreamed of something more
I wanted to leave my old life behind.
Didn’t say, “Yes, sir,” didn’t follow anyone.
Be like everyone else, don’t stand out
Sit in the lobby, take a number –
I was lightning before thunder.

Thunder, feel the thunder
Lightning and thunder,
Thunder, feel the thunder
Lightning and thunder,
Thunder, thunder

The kids laughed in my classes
While I pondered how to conquer the masses.
Who do you think you are?
Dreamed of becoming a big star.
You say, “You’re ordinary.” You say “You are trusting”
You always ride in the back seat.
Now I’m smiling from the stage
While you clap while sitting in cheap seats.


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