Meaning of Family Reunion by Blink-182 & The Story Behind

George Carlin has been successful in a variety of genres, but his talent has been most evident in the field of stand-up comedy. And his most resonant work was the monologue “Seven dirty words that should never be spoken on television.”

We remembered him in connection with the track Family Reunion of the scandalous group Blink-182.

The story of creation and the meaning of the song Family Reunion – Blink-182

The composition, which lasts a little over half a minute, is a set of the same seven curses from Karlin’s monologue, sung by the soloist, as well as an even more obscene quatrain about sexual relations with close relatives of the older generation.

This hooligan opus of reckless punks was born spontaneously during live performances. For some time the band performed the song live, and then, with the help of Jerry Finn, they recorded a studio version of it.

Family Reunion Release and Achievements

For obvious reasons, Family Reunion was not released as a single. But she was included in the collection Short Music for Short People, which was published on the Fat Wreck Chords label. The album consists of one hundred and one songs by various artists. All tracks are about thirty seconds long.

Family Reunion was also included on a free promotional CD that Blink-182 used to promote their third album, Enema of the State. In addition, it is found in various live albums of the group.

Interesting Facts

  • Blink-182 often closes shows with Family Reunion.


Family Reunion by Blink-182 lyrics

In order not to injure the psyche of moralists, of which there are more than enough on the Blimey website, we will refrain from the words of the Family Reunion song.

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