La Haine Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The French black-and-white film La Haine is a social drama that touches on many aspects of life. According to many critics, the picture deserves the highest ratings. Thought out to the smallest detail, the tape makes everyone look at the chaos and lawlessness that reigns in society from the outside. The most romantic city in the world, Paris, and crowds of people united by La Haine. What is the true meaning of the film did the director try to convey to the audience?

The meaning of the film La Haine (1995)

Social drama La Haine: the deep meaning of the film. Mid 1990s. One day in the life of teenagers. Destruction, chaos, lawlessness. The scattered crowds of people who took to the streets are united by one feeling. La Haine. Initially, there were no signs of trouble. Typical day. But for three friends, he became significant. Now their existence will no longer be the same. The heroes will undergo a reassessment of values, their worldview will change. It was on this ordinary day that their life was divided into before and after.

The tense situation in France resembled a war between society and the state. There were no obvious enemies in the bloody conflict. But despite this, formal opponents were extremely cruel and aggressive. The filmmakers tried to show social inequality, which some rejected. However, the characters were not ready to accept the rules of the game imposed by the state. There are people who are not afraid to express their opinion, even if they are not supported by the majority. There are few of them, but they decide on a desperate step. But it is extremely difficult to fight against the mechanism of power. The system bends such characters, breaks them, forces them to abandon their attitudes.

La Haine breeds hatred. This is the main point of the film. The social drama showed how imperfect society can be. Three friends were brought up according to street rules and concepts. Heroes do not agree to be hypocritical, they do not seek personal gain everywhere. Before their eyes is chaos, lawlessness. The characters refuse to believe that this has become the norm. But if Sayid and Vince only express their opinion, they are brave only in words, then Hubert gives the impression of a sane person. So many people in life only talk, show their indignation, but do not make any attempts to correct the situation.

A dramatic sad movie makes viewers think about things that are really important. Despite the tragedy unfolding on the screen, the creators of the film La Haine assure that there is always a way out.

But not only the characters of the tape and the system were drawn into a fierce conflict. The policemen became unwitting participants. But they didn’t choose sides. The police were doing their duty, because they were at work. However, they failed to hide their La Haine for people whom they considered “not like that”. This became a catalyst, the war became rampant. The police must protect those who need it. But something went wrong. The characters did not see them as law enforcement officers. Cruelty provokes cruelty.

The person lives in society. Therefore, he must abide by the rules laid down in it. But what if the system refuses to accept you? How to find a way out? The creators tried to give answers to these difficult questions in their film. You can’t blame just one side. Aggression breeds aggression. Young people were so carried away by their game of cruelty that it was impossible to stop them. The mechanism has already been launched. The more participants in the conflict, the more powerful the force that created the system. La Haine is not just a sad story about three friends embroiled in a dubious war. This is a story about a society that is slowly but surely sinking. Think about it before it’s too late.

The meaning of the ending of the film La Haine (1995)

The powerful energy that permeates the entire tape is felt even through the screen. Although the film was shot back in 1995, the viewer is involuntarily surprised by its relevance in our time. Three friends did not have clear goals, plans for further existence. They lived here and now. Or just go with the flow. But the characters had their hobbies that were meaningful to them. However, the boxer was deprived of what was the meaning of life for him. He couldn’t go to practice anymore. Hubert became a hostage to circumstances. He had no prospects for a bright future.

The heroes risked rebelling against the mechanism of power. But their lives meant little to the system. Their capabilities were initially limited. Their chances of a carefree existence were zero. It is painful and sad to look at it from the outside, to realize. The system is merciless. This mechanism attempted to subdue the characters. But the wrong path was chosen. Too cruel a method that ruined many lives.

The point of the ending of the film La Haine is that hatred is a destructive feeling. It is impossible to build a civilized society if people do not want to hear and understand each other. Intolerance, hatred, cruelty must be eradicated. Otherwise, people will continue to destroy each other. It does not matter what means they will use, because the outcome will be the same.

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