Silent Hill Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

In 2006, the film “Silent Hill”, created on the basis of the computer game of the same name, was presented to the horror film lovers. After 6 years, viewers were able to see the second part, where they hoped to get answers to questions left after watching the first season. But if the majority of the audience liked the first part of the picture, then the meaning of Silent Hill 2 caused a lot of controversy. The exact interpretation of what the meaning of the story is in the movie Silent Hill can probably only be given by the authors of the story.

Plot Summary

The structure of the film is quite complex. It consists of several realities and two time periods. But the captivating plot does not allow the viewer to take their eyes off the screen, forcing them to delve into the meaning of the Silent Hill movie.

Movie One

The film tells about a childless married couple Rose and Christopher DaSilva, who adopted a 9-year-old girl named Sharon. The girl is often tormented by nightmares, during which she mentions the city of Silent Hill.

Rose, deciding to help her daughter, goes with her to this city. On the way they get into an accident. Rose faints, Sharon disappears.

The mother, along with the policewoman Sybil, goes in search of her daughter. In the city, she meets the insane Dahlia Gillespie, who has also lost her daughter.

Silent Hill is overrun with monsters, from which Rose has to constantly escape.

Interesting! The monsters in the film were performed by actors. But 3D computer graphics were used to enhance the creepy effect.

In parallel, Christopher goes in search of his wife and daughter. He comes to the same city, but is in a different reality. And despite the fact that a man walks the same streets, he cannot meet his wife and daughter.

During the search, Rose learns of the existence of a community of believing fanatics led by Christabelle. Then she opens the story of the girl Alessa, whom the fanatics tried to burn. As a result, the soul of the girl was divided into two sides – dark and light. The light side has moved into Rose’s daughter Sharon.

The dark side of Alessa offers Rose to help in the search for her daughter in exchange for the destruction of the fanatics. But Christabell finds the girl early and tries to burn her.

Sybil is the first to die, and Sharon manages to save her mother. Christabell stabs Rose with a knife. The woman loses consciousness, and when she wakes up, she sees Sharon next to her.

The woman and her daughter are in a hurry to return home, but she is unable to meet her husband. They are on opposite sides of reality.

Movie Two

The second part reveals the meaning of the ending 1 of the movie Silent Hill. Rose managed to find the seal of Metatron, with which she was able to smuggle her daughter home. But since Rose found only one part of the seal, she herself could not return.

It’s been 7 years. Sharon’s name is now Heather. She does not remember the past, believing her mother died in a car accident.

The girl lives with her father, who has taken a different name – Harry. They constantly change their place of residence, hiding from someone.

After another move, Heather meets classmates at school, including a young man named Vincent Cooper.

The girl is again tormented by nightmares in which monsters appear to her. At the same time, a man who identified himself as Detective Douglas begins to pursue her. He was hired by the Order of Valdey to search for Sharon. The detective is killed by monsters, but he manages to tell the girl that her mother is alive.

Returning home, Heather discovers her father’s disappearance and an inscription on the wall ordering her to go to Silent Hill. Vincent is imposed on her as an escort. As it turns out later, he is also a member of the order, sent for the girl.

Once in the city, the girl meets with Dahlia, who told her about her daughter Alessa.

Sharon ends up in a hospital, where she sees Vincent’s grandfather, the insane Leonard, and takes the missing part of the seal from him.

Vincent helps a girl in search of her father. Along the way, they meet Alessa, who claims that Sharon’s father is a sacrifice and must die. Not agreeing with this, Heather kills Alessa with the help of a medallion.

Together with Vincent, they find Christopher and are going to return home. But the father refuses to return, because he wants to find a wife.

Explanation of plot

The Silent Hill film has a much deeper meaning to the plot than some of the critics have appreciated.

The authors managed to cover several topics:

  • hatred;
  • love;
  • faith;
  • to sweep.
  • motherhood.

The picture shows the opposition of two forces – hatred and love. The endless love of a mother who does not succumb to terrible monsters is able to overcome the most insane hatred. This is the meaning of the 1st part of Silent Hill – to show how much love is stronger than revenge and hatred.

But in both the first and second parts of the Silent Hill movie, the meaning of the plot has another meaning. The common thing that unites both parts is the theme of faith and thoughtless cult. It doesn’t matter what a person believes. The main thing is what he is capable of for the sake of blind faith. Is it possible to kill with impunity? The authors of the picture give an unequivocal answer – it is impossible. Any evil will be punished.

What is the essence of the ending

When watching any movie, the viewer expects a happy ending. But after the end of the first part, there is no feeling of a happy denouement.

On the one hand, everything ends well – mother and daughter are reunited. On the other hand, it remains unclear whether they returned home and whether they were able to meet with Christopher. Therefore, everyone interpreted the meaning of the Silent Hill ending in their own way.

Most viewers came to the conclusion that mother and daughter and father were in parallel worlds. In the second part, this conjecture was confirmed.

The finale of the second film shows the triumph of good over evil. Alessa’s tormentors are punished. The suffering and pain inflicted on the girl returned like a boomerang to the tormentors. This gives hope that justice exists even in a dark world.

But the meaning of the ending of the 2nd part of Silent Hill remains as mysterious as the first. Despite the fact that the fanatics are destroyed and Alessa is no more, Rose is still somewhere in the trap. And Christopher stays behind to find her.

The open ending hints at a possible continuation of the picture, where Christopher will find a wife and the long-awaited happy ending will come.

Horror films with meaning are rarely made. But the picture of Silent Hill is not like the usual “horror”. The film shows all the fears inherent in people. Therefore, it is worth watching even for those who do not like horror.

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