“Sex Education” (2019) And Two More Series Which Will Appeal To Everyone

Here are three cool 2019 series about the difficulties in relationships with others and with yourself that everyone, without exception, will like. Go.

Mrs. Fletcher Fletcher (2019  –  present) Season 1

IMDb: 7.0

“Mrs. Fletcher”

What the series is about: Eve Fletcher is already over forty. Her husband divorced her a long time ago, and her only son went to college. Spending evenings in an empty house, a woman gradually discovers adult video, which she had heard about before, then pretended that it did not exist. Eve begins to explore her own sexuality

Why Watching: Mrs. Fletcher is a rather frank and intimate series that may not appeal to those who are not used to HBO’s style of erotic scenes, and expect maximum chastity and moderation. Nevertheless, thanks to the open demonstration of how women explore their own sexuality, the series turned out to be as realistic as possible, and, what is already there, vital.

Living with Yourself  (2019  –  present), season 1

IMDb: 7.3

frame from the series “Life with yourself”

What the show is about: The main character Miles is an average suburbanite: he has a boring robot, a strained relationship with his wife, and life itself no longer brings its former pleasure. Trying to somehow improve the situation, the hero visits the Spa center, the procedures in which, according to his successful colleague, will change Miles’s life for the better. It does, but only for Miles version 2.0. Our hero wakes up in some incomprehensible wilderness, and when he gets to his house he realizes that now he will have to live with himself.

Why Watching: “Living with Oneself” is a light, almost chamber sitcom, which is, on the one hand, a non-trivial comedy. On the other hand, it is absolutely not a real story, presented with a very real subtext. Be the best version of yourself – call the creators of the series Timothy Greenberg and Jonathan Dayton. Well, how can you not obey?

Sex Education ( 2019  –  present), 2 seasons

IMDb: 8.3

frame from the series “Sex Education”

What the show is about: The events of the first season unfold in Moordale High School. The main character, Otis Milburn, is an excellent student and the main “nerd”. Otis is a virgin who is shy of his body and lives with his mother, a renowned practicing sexologist. From the first days of school, the guy unexpectedly discovers a talent for solving problems on an intimate basis, and having teamed up with another “outcast” girl Maeve Wiley, they decide to earn extra money on this.

Why watch: Sex Education is the undisputed leader on this list. Only the lazy, but obvious sexual overtones, the hint of which were strategically placed in the title, have not heard about this series, can push away from viewing. From this we want to protect you, because “Sexual Test” is a funny and life-like series about the difficulties faced by adolescents during puberty. Recommended.

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