Scar Tissue – Red Hot Chili Peppers Meaning

Californication, the seventh studio album by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, released in 1999, differs in many ways from the band’s previous work, but its main feature can be called a more melodic sound. Many critics attribute this to the return of John Frusciante to the band, who left the band in the early nineties due to heroin addiction.

The first single from the album was Scar Tissue, one of the most beautiful compositions from RHCP.

The history of creation and the meaning of the song Scar Tissue

It was written by Anthony Kiedis. It is believed that the impetus for writing the song was the resumption of work with John Frusciante. Kiedis himself said that the idea for Scar Tissue came to him during a rehearsal. He listened to the other members of the band play, and suddenly, in his mind, the individual words and snippets of the melody became one.

The main idea of ​​the song Scar Tissue is a return to normal life after giving up drugs. In his autobiography, named after this song (in Russian translation – “Web of Scars”), as well as in various interviews, Anthony Kiedis explained what he meant in some lines of the text.

So, “snarky Mr. Know-It-All” is a reference to Dave Navarro, whom Kiedis called the “King of Sarcasm.” The words from the chorus were inspired by the birds that flew over Anthony when he sang, sitting at the house of his friend Flea, and feeling like no one needed. And the phrase that the author is ready to crawl to the moon implies the willingness of drug addicts to make any sacrifice for the next dose.

Release and achievements

The single Scar Tissue topped the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks and Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks charts for many weeks. It peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number fifteen on the UK Singles Chart.

In 2000, Scar Tissue was awarded the Grammy for Best Rock Song. The guitar solo from this composition takes the 63rd line in the list of one hundred best according to Guitar World.

Scar Tissue Clip

The video clip for the song Red Hot Chili Peppers was shot by French director Stephane Sednaoui.

Interesting Facts

  • Scar Tissue is the third most played song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers (after Give It Away and Under the Bridge).
  • In the music video for Scar Tissue, John Frusciante is driving the car, although he doesn’t drive in real life. This is believed to symbolize his reunion with the group.

Scar Tissue Lyrics

Scar tissue that I wish you saw
Sarcastic mister know it all
Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you ’cause

With the birds I’ll share
With the birds I’ll share
This lonely view
With the birds I’ll share
This lonely view

Push me up against the wall
Young Kentucky girl in a push-up bra
Fallin’ all over myself
To lick your heart and taste your health

Blood loss in a bathroom stall
Soundthern girl with a scarlet drawl
Wave goodbye to ma and pa ’cause

Soft spoken with a broken jaw
Step outside but not to brawl
Autumn’s sweet we call it fall
I’ll make it to the moon if I have to crawl

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