Sausage Party Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Sausage Party: the ending of a popular cartoon with adult overtones. Sausage Party is an animation of a comedic nature for adults. This project, in a sense, is a parody of the work of Pixar. In the center of the plot is an anthropomorphic sausage and her friends, who dreams of living forever and discovering new horizons. Due to profanity and adult overtones, the picture has an age limit of 18+. Interestingly, the authors created two alternative endings to the plot. And if you prefer short films with meaning, we recommend our thematic selection.

What were the finals like? What did the authors want to say with this multipolarity? You will find out the answers to these and many other questions after reading the article.

Brief retelling of the plot

The plot in the cartoon revolves around food from the supermarket, who are trying to understand the meaning of life. They believe in Gods (people) and dream that they take them to their home, taking them outside the supermarket doors (to Paradise). However, getting to people is a real hell. Food find out a terrible secret, and decide to fend for themselves.

The main characters of the cartoon together

The film starts off very positively. Every morning the supermarket opens and the products begin to sing about a better world, the gods who take them to a place of eternal bliss.

The main character is Frank the sausage and Brenda’s bun. They are in different packs on the same shelf, but they want to get closer to each other. Contrary to the established rules, the characters open their packages, wanting to touch each other.

Toward the end of the day, they end up in a shopping cart. The products are happy that they will soon reach a better world. The happiness ends when one customer returns a mistakenly bought honey mustard. She trembles with horror, and talks about terrible torment, death, waiting for everyone who finds herself outside the store.

cartoon honey mustard

Having told the terrible truth, honey mustard, before committing suicide, asks the main characters to find his friend – liquor, and tell him about everything. Thus begins the journey of sausage, rolls, pita bread, muffins and aggressive enema.

Moving to the stand with alcohol, friends find liquor, and he tells them that a group of products with no expiration date has created a religion to appease perishable goods. Frank asks for proof and the friends go to the frozen fish department at the urging of the liquor.

Beloved does not approve of the friend’s skepticism and is sent back to her department. The main character goes alone in search of the truth. Along the way, he stumbles upon a cookbook, and reveals the human world for details.

"Full raskolbas": the ending of a popular cartoon with adult overtonesWoman choosing groceries in a supermarket

Having learned the terrible truth, Frank hurries to the rest of the products and talks about his discovery. At first they panic, but then they prefer not to believe Frank, fearing the loss of the meaning of life. Frank then returns to his packing brother Barry, who is still alive after being bought by a drug addict. He says that people can be killed while under the influence of bath salts.

Barry’s friends decide to devise a plan against the humans, first by firing toothpicks and bath salts at them. Drugs act on people, and they begin to destroy the “revived” food. The supermarket turns into a battle arena. Having gained the upper hand over people, the heroes come to the conclusion that they do not need religion for purpose and worship. After the fun begins.

Orgy products

cartoon ending

The fun of eating turns into a real orgy. Interestingly, the action is accompanied by obscene sounds and a melody saying that hell is empty, and all the demons are here. However, the orgy is not the final part. At the end, the liquor says that a certain Firewater Spirit created the machine. Why she is, and where the heroes go, the authors do not report. In the end, the characters just walk into the unknown. This point is left for discussion by the audience.

Frank walks next to his bun

What message do the authors convey? After the battle, loud speeches are heard about the lack of the need for religion for the purpose of life. Then the audience is looking forward to some way out of the situation. However, the authors do not invent anything and leave the ending open.

In the alternate ending, Licker calls Frank and his friends over and reveals that the talking products are actually cartoon characters that were created to entertain people in another dimension. Products go to the parallel world of their creators.

They find themselves in the middle of a busy city, stand in front of the window of a fast food restaurant, and look at the main characters of the voice acting. Those with pleasure eat sausages in the dough, hamburgers and other products. The main characters and their friends open their mouths in horror. This is where the scene ends.

Frank and bun see catering

There is no salvation for the central characters. None of the endings invented by the authors. Regardless of the reality in which they are, they have to accept their fate.

There is no moral message in this cartoon.

Sausage Party is a project for adults with a lot of sex scenes, violence, obscene language, drug allusions.

The authors created a satire on the animated films from Pixar, and on all the moral values ​​shown in these pictures. With their picture, they wanted to evoke only extraordinary emotions, which they successfully achieved.

The main characters in the alcohol department

The cartoon in the year of release made a real splash, because none of the viewers expected the madness that was happening on the screen. Some users saw a satire on religious beliefs, someone decided to laugh at the nonsense that was going on in the frame.

As conceived by the authors, it is planned to continue the picture. However, there is no official information.

On this, our analysis of the ending of the cartoon Sausage Party came to an end. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to share them in the comments. Do you like Japanese animation more? In this selection of anime, you will definitely find something worthwhile for yourself.

Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon!

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