Rain Man Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The meaning of the film “Rain Man”

Not every viewer who accidentally reads a short description of the film will be enthusiastic about watching. Rather, the big names of Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise will prompt a thought – what, in fact, is the reason for the enthusiasm of the world audience and the receipt of four gold statuettes of the main American film award “Oscar”

The hidden meaning of the movie Rain Man

The main plot line is built in such a way that it can touch the most cruel and indifferent people. A powerful pressure of light feelings causes tears. They wash away the soot of hatred, rejection, contempt from our souls, leaving only love in return.

In Rain Man, it is brotherly love. Events unfold as quickly as the heroes move. From Ohio to Los Angeles, across America, their path lies. Both arrive at the final destination by different people. What could have influenced the quirky businessman Charlie Babbitt and his sick brother Raymond, I will explain in order.

Father’s death – getting rid of bankruptcy

Charlie Babbitt is in big business trouble. A batch of Lamborghini luxury cars arrested by the environmental service. Buyers demand the return of collateral, and the bank – the return of loans. All payment terms have expired. Charlie twists, twists, lies and makes his employees lie.

The hidden meaning of the movie Rain Man

The situation is stalemate, but the sad news comes that rich dad, with whom Charlie has long severed his relationship, has passed away. Without regretting the loss for a second, the orphaned son immediately prepares for the road with his girlfriend Suzanne. Death came in handy. Under his will, he will receive millions and end his financial problems at once.

It is worth paying attention to the scene of the promulgation of the will. Charlie nervously taps his fingers on the table, as if urging on the notary’s leisurely reading. He can barely contain himself. Hurry, quickly announce the amount. The father’s will sounded like a thunderbolt – $ 3 million of the fortune goes to a certain trustee of the foundation.

The hidden meaning of the movie Rain Man

Wallbrook Clinic – unexpected discoveries

The resourceful Babbitt finds a trustee. Dr. Bruner runs the clinic where people with mental disabilities live. Here another stunning discovery awaits him – the actual heir to a huge fortune is Raymond Babbitt. Charlie’s older brother is a terminally ill autistic person. A clever scheme for making money immediately appears in the head of a businessman. You yourself need to become the trustee of your brother, which means that you will receive all the rights to the inheritance.

The hidden meaning of the movie Rain Man


Without a moment’s hesitation, he takes Raymond out of the clinic. A brother is needed only as a tool for enrichment. Get to Los Angeles, get custody of the poor man in court, and voila – the money goes back to Babbit Jr. Suzanne is outraged by Charlie’s cold indifference and prudence. She sees the suffering Raymond is experiencing.

The hidden meaning of the movie Rain Man

His illness dictates a special way of life, where everything is subject to rules and rituals. To a normal person, they seem not just strange, but wild, without meaning and logic. For Raymond, this is the only way to survive in the world, which he fears and does not understand.

The hidden meaning of the movie Rain Man

Sensitive Suzanne takes pity on the unfortunate, tries to reason with Charlie, but he does not care about the foolish brother. The only thing that irritates is that the patient brings a lot of inconvenience with his inappropriate behavior. Suzanne realizes that she cannot reach Charlie’s conscience and leaves him. In pursuit of the golden calf, pity and compassion are out of the question. The girl’s departure does not change anything.

Return to Los Angeles

It is not possible to fly away by plane. Raymond throws a tantrum at the airport. He lists all the disasters of all airlines in the world and categorically refuses to land. Charlie is furious, but he has to travel this long way to Los Angeles by car.

The hidden meaning of the movie Rain Man

It has no idea how long it takes. Raymond dictates his own rules – absolutely absurd, causing the youngest Bebbit “gnashing teeth” and impotent fury. All arguments are useless when it’s time for your favorite show. If Raymond does not look at her, he turns into a completely insane creature.

Mentally disabled or genius

Unwittingly fulfilling all the whims of the patient, Charlie notices the unique capabilities of his brother – phenomenal memory and the ability to complex calculations. A visit to the doctor finally confirms that the brother is a genius. Perhaps, at this moment, Charlie for the first time has a vague respect for Raymond, even admiration for his unique gift.

The hidden meaning of the movie Rain Man

Childhood memories

Another day on the road and another cheap motel. Raymond brushes his teeth and utters another strange phrase: “Funny rain man, funny teeth.” Charlie, they seem vaguely familiar and filled with secret meaning. And he remembered his beloved and dear “rain man”. So little Charlie called his older brother when he could not yet pronounce the difficult name Raymond. Kid converted him into Rain Man.

The hidden meaning of the movie Rain Man

This dialogue takes place in the bathroom. Charlie turns on the hot water, the soaring stream of water suddenly causes panic in his brother. He screams in horror in the familiar voice of his father: “You burned the child.” And the inspiration comes – Raymond was admitted to the clinic after an incident in the bathroom when he burned the baby with hot water.

Brothers become family for real

The father decided that the patient was dangerous and decided to isolate him. And the reason for this was Charlie, whom his father loved with all his heart, although he did not know how to express this feeling. The grown son has gone into his own life. I ignored all my father’s attempts to contact him. He became what he became – a cynic, a liar, using people for one purpose – getting profit.

From that moment on, the attitude towards Raymond changes. That childhood love and affection pulls Charlie’s other human qualities out of oblivion – compassion, tolerance, remorse. Now an autistic brother is not irritating, but pitying. Mom died so long ago that the memories of her are erased, and the only loved one is nearby. Funny “Rain Man”.

The hidden meaning of the movie Rain Man

Events in Las Vegas

And the news from Los Angeles is disappointing. We need money now. Charlie changes his route and arrives in Las Vegas. Beating the casino for his brother is as easy as multiplying three-digit numbers in his head. This is where a change takes place with the elder Bebbit. He, who does not tolerate any touch, kisses a girl, dances and even understands jokes. No, the disease does not let go, but it seems to be losing ground under the pressure of new feelings and impressions.

The hidden meaning of the movie Rain Man

Charlie makes the only right decision

Finally, the long journey is over. Another Charlie came home. Now his goal was not money at any cost, but the well-being of his brother. Dr. Bruner makes an appointment, offers compensation in 250 thousand for the immediate return of Raymond to the clinic. Charlie refuses. He intends to convince the psychiatric expert that he is able to take care of his brother.

The hidden meaning of the movie Rain Man

And he convinces, but he himself finally understands that the disease is invincible. Yes, communication during the week taught Raymond basic communication with the outside world, but it did not cure him. In the clinic, he will be calmer and safer. Charlie surrenders without a fight, so as not to harm a loved one. We are not talking about money at all. Let the will of the father be done.

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