The Game Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The psychological thriller The Game (1997) was directed by David Fincher in 1997. The main theme of the film is games in an alternate reality. The real world is used as a platform for this hobby. The film “The Game” is the story of a banker who owns a huge fortune. But one day the hero of the film wanted to get away from the monotonous reality. He just chose the wrong path for this. Let’s try to figure out what is the meaning of the film “The Game”.

Despite all the material wealth, Nicholas Van Ortan is constantly visited by sad thoughts. The difficult past does not let go of the character. He leads a boring, emotionless existence. His brother sees what state he’s in. And he decides to help him. Konrad suggested that the banker try his hand at one specific game. Only the characters did not even imagine that this hobby, harmless at first glance, would radically change the life of the protagonist. His monotonous existence became more like chaos. If the banker does not want to lose everything he has, he needs to try to get out of this situation.

The problems that the creators of the film “The Game” in 1997 raised in their work are still relevant today. Some people try to escape their loneliness. The real world no longer suits them. They are tired of uncertainty, injustice, difficulties and trials. And for this they go headlong into games. They are immersed in the virtual world. Only over time, a person begins to lose control over his life. Social networks, games attract all the attention of the characters. They do not yet realize that someone is beginning to skillfully manipulate them. Fakes and lies are becoming the norm.

It seems that the life of the protagonist of the film “The Game” is developing as well as possible. A caring family, a huge fortune, a job that brings satisfaction. Only his existence is devoid of bright colors. The character’s brother realized that the banker needed a shake-up. He must realize that this can no longer continue. He needs to start living, not existing. It was extremely difficult to do this without outside help.

Psychological Thriller The Game: The Meaning Of The Film

If life doesn’t bring joy, if it’s so empty and boring, it needs to be turned into a game of survival. Is there no other way to fill your existence with meaning? Why can’t a person make his life interesting and bright on his own? The creators of the film “The Game” tried to answer these questions. The meaning of the film is that it is extremely difficult for a person to live for real. From TV screens, from the pages of books and newspapers, from social networks, people learn that they must set ambitious goals, develop grandiose plans and do everything to become successful. Otherwise, a person can be safely written down as a loser. Only in the pursuit of material goods, for social recognition, do people forget to simply live. They are constantly running somewhere, in a hurry, in a hurry. It is necessary to determine priorities, set tasks, prepare solutions. Routine everyday affairs also do not let go. A person seems to be running in circles, realizing that he cannot cope with all the problems.

People forget to listen to themselves and their desires. Some even forgot how to dream. Their life is more like a well-established definite order of actions. Stepping to the right or left is not allowed. People exist according to a pre-planned algorithm. But this is not always what the person himself needs. Not even a person, but his inner personality. Downtrodden, driven, without the right to vote. And forgotten. Only this inner personality haunts a person. She tries to get out from time to time. It is with her that an inexplicable feeling of painful dissatisfaction is connected. And so a person often feels an unmistakable longing.

The multimillionaire from the movie “The Game” recalls the tragic events from his past. His father committed suicide. He could no longer deal with his emotions and intrusive thoughts. And the banker is afraid that one day he will repeat the fate of his parent. The image of the main character causes twofold feelings among the audience. On the one hand, the hero of the tape is a tough, principled, determined banker who managed to earn a huge fortune. But he is also a completely lonely person. Over time, he realizes that he has no one around to whom he could entrust his secrets and secrets. The banker has only one hobby – reading everyday financial news. He has only one native person – his brother, who draws the banker into a specific game.

After watching the film, each viewer should think about their existence. Is human life not real, devoid of meaning and joy? Or vice versa, is the existence of people filled with bright moments and extremely real? This question must be answered by each person independently, because everyone has the right to choose. People should not just live out the time they have been given. It is important to live, to live. Try, try, fail, get up and try again. But never stop and never stop moving.

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