Predestination Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

The Meaning Of The Movie Predestination: Explanation Of The Ending. 2014 gives viewers the drama Predestination. Fans of science fiction are delighted with the temporary movements of the film project and mysteries, some of which cannot be solved. What is the meaning of the movie Predestination? What should you pay attention to when viewing?

Plot Summary

The plot of the film Predestination, the meaning of which is revealed only at the end, is divided into different time periods.


Guy John tells the bartender his story. He was born in 1945, a girl named Jane (Sarah Snook). Immediately after birth, he ended up in an orphanage. After receiving her basic education, a certain Mr. Robertson invited Jane to compete for the position of a female astronaut in SpaceCorp. The girl passed all the tests successfully, but because of a fight with one of the contestants, she was kicked out.

Jane got a job as a nanny, took etiquette courses in the evenings. Here she met her first love. One day her lover disappears.

Mr. Robertson offered Jane a job as a crime prevention agent. But the girl got pregnant. After giving birth, the baby disappeared, and the main character found out that she had 2 sets of genitals: female and male. The female appendages had to be removed due to difficult childbirth. Jane becomes a man named John (Ethan Hawke).

It is interesting! Sarah Snook spent 4 hours every morning in the dressing room to reincarnate as John.

The hero gets a job as a cook. In parallel, he writes articles for magazines under the pseudonym “Single Mother”.

The bartender turns out to be Puffy the Demoman’s crime-prevention agent. He invites John to take revenge on his offender, gives a gun. Both heroes travel by time machine to 1963.


Returning to the past, John realizes that he himself, who came from the future, is that offender, Jane’s first love.

Meanwhile, the agent travels to 1964, picks up Jane and John’s daughter, then takes her to 1945, to the door of the orphanage.

The agent persuades John to go to 1985 and become his follower – the preventer of crimes. So Jane’s lover disappears.

The agent turns out to be John from the future – after the bomb explosion of Pshik the Demoman, the face of the protagonist was burned. As a result of plastic surgery, he became unrecognizable.


After sending young John to Predestination, the agent retires – goes to New York. His time machine continues to work, although it should be blocked. John finds Pshik the Demoman and realizes that this is himself in the future. Pshik tries to explain to him that he stopped other crimes with explosions. A retired agent kills the Demoman.

Plot Explanation

What is the meaning of the movie Predestination? After watching, it becomes clear that Jane, John, their daughter, the bartender agent and Puffy the Demoman are one person at different ages. At 25, he becomes a temporary agent.

Theory of predestination

After the resignation, the hero continues to use the time machine, since it is impossible to block it, and the temptation to stop all the criminals is great. John “retired” becomes Puffy the Demolition Man – setting up explosions to stop the killings that should happen in the future. He has a mental disorder due to time travel, so the hero cannot adequately evaluate his actions. He does not realize that attempts to change the past can lead to even more sad consequences.

This is the meaning of the film Predestination (2014). The English name translates as “Predestination”. The directors showed that everything in life is predetermined. No matter how hard you try to change the past, the future will not be better for it. Puff the Underminer thought he was doing good by stopping crime with explosions. It turned out that the explosions killed no less people than before.

On a note! The film Predestination, the meaning of which is the main characters’ attempt to change the past, is based on the story “You are all zombies” by A. Heinlein.

Time loop

Another idea of ​​the creators of a fantastic drama is the formation of a time loop in which everything is interconnected. Jane and John appear each time thanks to the baby thrown by the agent, and the baby is due to their union. There would be no Demoman without the Agent, and there would be no Agent without the Demoman.

All the actions of the hero contribute to the fact that the story starts over every time: stealing and laying the baby, the bartender’s conversation with John and meeting with Jane, the recruitment and resignation of the agent, the murder of the Demoman and his appearance. Robertson placed the hero in this time loop, the execution of all the turns of which he personally monitors. For improper performance of the mission, the agent faces death. Getting out of the loop is impossible. If someone from the chain of heroes drops out, then the time loop is broken.

The theme of self-responsibility

The viewer probably noticed that throughout the film the phrase is repeated several times: “What if I could bring you the person who ruined your life. If I can guarantee that you will escape punishment, will you kill him?” Here the theme of responsibility for one’s life, one’s own successes and failures is raised.

In Predestination the hero himself becomes the culprit of everything that happened in the life of Jane / John. He constantly interferes in the events of his own life, making it better or worse. When there is a desire to throw the responsibility for troubles on his offender, this does not work, because Jane’s beloved is the future version of herself.

People often feel that someone is to blame for their problems. In fact, the person himself, his actions and deeds determine his fate. If you face the truth, then in the end there is no one to avenge a broken life.

What is the essence of the ending

The most difficult thing is to understand the meaning of the ending of the drama Predestination. The film ends with suspense. The protagonist kills his future version. Now he has a choice: to go the same way and become a Underminer, or start living a normal life.

However, in the time loop created by the patrol, the hero has no other way but to become a bomber. If this does not happen, then Agent John will have no one to hunt for and nothing to prevent. There would be no point in recruiting your past version, stealing and planting baby Jane. As a result, the time loop will break, and history will again go in a straight line.

Predestination is a fantastic film with meaning. Peter and Michael Spierig created another interesting and memorable story about crime prevention by traveling through the time corridors of human history.

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