Nope Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Jordan Peele started out as a comedian, and his humorous talent is most evident in the famous sketch show “K and Peel”. All the more interesting is his transition to the position of director and screenwriter with the films Get Out and Us, in which Peel showed his innovative approach to horror, thrillers and cinema in general. Nope continues the vector set by the director, in which the main thing is to surprise the audience. We tell in the review below how successfully Peel did it for the third time.

Nope (2022)

Genre Horror, Science Fiction
Directed by Jordan Peele
Cast Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Michael Wincott
Premiere cinemas
Release year 2022 IMDb

The main characters of the film are Otis Jr. “O’Jay” Haywood (Daniel Kaluuya) and Emerald Haywood (Keke Palmer). They are brother and sister who run a horse ranch specifically for the filming of the movie Haywood Hollywood Horses. Six months before the events, their father dies due to a mysterious tragedy: a coin crashed into his head at high speed, the wound turned out to be fatal. After that, the family’s business began to decline, the ranch was in danger of being sold. In parallel, the Heywoods notice that something very similar to a UFO has hovered over their house. And they decide to shoot it to earn money.


Turning to a rather trivial plot with a UFO, Peel again uses a familiar image to convey his non-standard vision of the world. Even within the framework of a particular genre, “Nope” will not work. There was a place here for horror, thriller, science fiction, western and social drama. And if you go even deeper, it turns out that the whole film is almost an ode to cinema and the madmen who create it.

However, until the last one still needs to be thought out, comparing all the phrases and pieces from the film. And no, it’s not that Peel made movie puzzles that often challenge the minds of viewers. On the contrary, the central storyline “Nope” is as clear and prosaic as possible.


Relatives encounter something unknown on the American prairie and see it as an easy way to get rich. But it quickly turns out that it is not so “easy”, but is fraught with mortal danger. However, even then, the Heywoods do not back down from the idea of ​​filming a UFO, even if for this they have to risk their lives.

In this development of the plot in the chosen subject, Peel’s somewhat unusual approach to history is already hidden. The people in his film are also victims who are powerless before the power of UFOs. But they are fighting not for survival, not for world peace, but rather out of purely personal motives. Their motives are understandable and highly human, which adds to the overall credibility of the story.

The courage and desperation of the heroes stem from everyday problems, their moments of heroism are fleeting flashes, and not a permanent line of behavior. For the third time Peel looks behind the scenes of human souls in his work – and finds there rather dark aspirations and gloomy, cruel thoughts. Which will still be able to resonate with the audience, since something similar is hidden in many of us.

And it’s all the sadder that in its last third, “Nope” exchanges general poetry and mystery for a simpler “man vs. beast” storyline, where an alien from outer space plays the role of the beast. History then becomes more primitive, the general tension disappears. This is considering how competently Peel flirts with the nerves of the audience in the middle of the timing. One of the scenes turned out to be as shocking as possible and clearly not for the faint of heart (and suffering from claustrophobia).


Even then, “Nope” does not change its main message, doing everything to exalt the talent and genius of a person, which often border on insanity. Only from this point of view will the key flashback of the film become clear, which seems to be completely unrelated to the main story. And if “history” for you is a set of some events that pursue a certain result, then there really will be no connection.

“Nope” speaks to you in the language of cinema, not in dialogue or thoughts. Somewhere at the intersection of colorful shots (and the film is really insanely beautiful), outstanding work with sound, thoughtful script, reliable acting and other nuances of filmmaking, the real meaning of the film is born.

Where “Nope” is a story about how to overcome the urge to say the proverbial “Nope” and run as far as possible, instead looking danger right into her disfigured eyes. How to put your head in the mouth of a metaphorical lion and not take it out, even when the teeth and claws of a predator have already sunk into your flesh. Not for reward or glory, but only because of the greatness of the moment itself.


Peel, in his third personal film, celebrates the talent of a man and his desire for creativity. But he does it without too much romance. On the contrary, “Nope” through the image of UFOs clearly demonstrates how destructive and deadly art in general and cinema in particular can be. Art in the film does not save, but only destroys and kills. But his irrational magic still beckons to him – and will continue to do so as long as.

The film “Nope”: how will it end? Explanation

No is a 2022 sci-fi thriller written and directed by Jordan Peele. It stars Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Brandon Perea, Steven Yeun and Michael Wincott. Just like Pele’s earlier ventures, “Nope” also tries to speak metaphorically about various socio-political problems. Jordan Peele digs into a lot of things and delivers an intriguing narrative that will not only captivate you with its visuals, but also leave you with a lot of food for thought.

What happened on Gordy’s show? Why did Jupe buy horses from OJ?

Jupe and O.J. used to do business on a regular basis, but there was a key difference in their approach that made them opposites. OJ loved his horses. He did not want to make them obedient or submissive. He treated them like living beings. He gave them the dignity they deserved, even if they were just animals. Jupe, on the other hand, believed that he could make any animal or creature obey his commands. He wanted them to be like an obedient work force. This belief actually originated from an incident that happened on the set of Gordy’s House. The most exciting aspect of the show was that the cast also included a chimpanzee who performed with other actors. During one of these recordings, the chimpanzee became aggressive and attacked the entire cast. It was a massacre on the set. Mary Jo Elliot, one of the actors, was badly injured, and the others probably died. However, the chimpanzee never laid a finger on Jupe. He approached him and extended his hand to strike with his fist. Just at that moment, animal control officers came and shot the chimpanzee at point-blank range. Blood splattered on Jupe’s face, and he sat in concussion.

From that day on, Jupe may have thought he was the chosen one. He began to believe that he had a gift for taming creatures that belonged to the wild. He wanted to do the same with a flying saucer. He bought horses from OJ for a reason. Jupe conceived a show in which he planned to use horses as bait and let a flying saucer come in and devour her in front of a live audience. The performance was called the Star Lasso Experience and people were willing to pay to witness the spectacle. Jupe was a proud man, as he found a way to monetize an extraterrestrial entity, not to mention mundane things. Mary Jo Elliot also came to watch the show. We catch a glimpse of her disfigured face behind the veil. Jupe didn’t realize he was overstepping his bounds. The flying saucer flew in and sucked everything in its path. jupe, his entire family and audience were swallowed by the monster. For some reason, he left the horse untouched. When OJ came to the theme park to pick up his horse, he knew exactly what was going to happen.

Nope Ending Explained: Can O.J. Heywood Get Rid of a UFO? What will end?

Emerald had an idea the moment she learned that a UFO was roaming the sky. She wanted to take the perfect shot of the subject and then sell it on the market. She knew she would get a handsome sum for it. So they go to the nearest store and buy security cameras. They met Angel Torres, the store manager, who told them that without him they would not be able to install the cameras. Angel was a tech nerd and he knew right away that there was more to this story than what OJ and Emerald wanted him to know. The trio figured out that an extraterrestrial object hid behind a cloud and came out when it wanted to hunt horses. They tried to trick him by bringing in a horse sculpture from Jupa’s theme park. Although he initially swallowed the sculpture, he eventually spat it out along with other objects.

OJ realized something about this huge flying saucer that was terrorizing them. It was not a UFO, as he had previously thought. It was a beast, some kind of extraterrestrial creature that took the form of a UFO, but actually hunted living beings. He hunted both horses and people. OJ also realized that he can’t do anything unless you look him in the eye. Emerald contacted first-class cameraman Antlers Holst. She tried to convince him to come and help them get the perfect shot. Rog Holst was not convinced at first. But as soon as the media began covering supernatural events, he realized that this could indeed be something intriguing. He brought a non-electric camera, and the Heywoods, along with Angel, set up a trap for the creature now called Jean Jacket. But things didn’t go as planned. The situation became chaotic and Jean Jacket attacked with full force. It sprouted in the sky in its original form and became like a giant jellyfish with gelatinous tentacles hovering above it. Roga Canvas stepped out of his hiding place and stepped out into the open to take a clear picture. But the creature swallowed him. Angel got tangled in the wires, and this saved him somewhat.

OJ kept his cool and stood facing the beast while Em rode towards Jupiter Claim. She entered a theme park and cut the strings of a human-shaped ball. A giant balloon rose into the sky and distracted Jean Jacket. It sprouted in the sky in its original form and became like a giant jellyfish with gelatinous tentacles hovering above it.

Meanwhile, Em still hadn’t given up on the idea of ​​cashing in on the creature and wanted to photograph it. She walked up to the Winking Well (an installation in a theme park that had cameras at the bottom to take photos of the audience) and tried to get her perfect shot. Jean Jacket swallowed the balloon. The balloon eventually burst, killing the creature. Em was able to get a clear picture of Jean Jacket using the cameras in the well. OJ also survived and arrived at the entrance to Jupiter’s Claim as the protagonist of one of the neo-westerns.


Topics covered in Jordan Pele’s song “Nope”

Jordan Pele is one of those directors who likes to portray things in metaphors. In No, the director talked about people’s innate tendency to exploit everything that gets in their way. Whether it’s fossil fuels, the environment, or other people, we don’t know where to stop. Chimpanzees alone cannot be blamed for becoming violent, because we are the ones who upset the delicate balance of the ecosystem. There should not have been a wild beast there, just as there should not have been a concrete jungle instead of a real forest. Money drives our society, but it cannot be used as a criterion for judging everything and everyone. There are things that cannot be fixed with money. Jupe sought to profit by trying to exploit things he did not quite understand the nature of. He didn’t know what adverse effect that might have.

The director also attempted to demonstrate that the black community was never given credit for its contributions to the film industry. Em, talking about his family business during filming, tells the cast and crew on set that we all knew about Eadweard Muybridge, who made the first ever movie (Primping Horse), but we didn’t know anything about him. . jockey who rode this horse. She says that it was her ancestor who rode it and became the first actor to act in films.

There is meaning behind every shot in the film and you can’t help but admire the effort put into each scene and the authenticity she tries to achieve in her performance. No is a convoluted thriller that not only keeps you on your toes, but speaks volumes with its imagery and characters.

No is a 2022 science fiction drama film directed by Jordan Pele.

PROS: technical execution, non-standard and bright ideas, acting

CONS: the final part of the film, which lacks tension and imagery

CONCLUSION: Jordan Peele did it again, no doubt about it. Using a classic horror plot, he gave us all something unusual and provocative. “Nope” will obviously not appeal to everyone, and some thoughts of the film may completely elude the audience. But in any case, there is no other such UFO movie anymore.

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