The Night Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The Iranian horror film fascinates with intrigue and dark scenes, but the plot remains a mystery to many viewers. To reveal the meaning of the film The Night (2020) will allow the analysis of the described events of the past of the main characters. meaning, summary, essence of the film’s ending

Brief summary of the film “The Night”

The events of the film take place in America. The main characters are a young Iranian couple Babak and Neda with a baby.

Interesting! Night is the first American film to be sold in Iran since the Iranian Revolution (1979).

The point of the film “Night” is to demonstrate the common problems that overtake married couples:

  • misunderstanding;
  • irritability;
  • secrets;
  • betrayal.

The main characters return home late at night. On the way, the spouses begin to quarrel, the failure of the navigator causes an overnight stay in a roadside hotel. The porter who met the heroes announced the possibility of leaving the hotel only at dawn.

The real horror begins. A man and a woman hear a strange clatter, voices, meet ghosts and frightening images. Strange events continue. In the morning, the couple is about to leave, but the forgotten keys force the man to return to the hotel. Neda meets a tramp who calls on the woman to repent.

Frightened, Neda returns to the hotel. The couple is locked up again.

Neda confesses to her husband about having an abortion, and instantly the lights go on in the hotel, but the door remains locked.

The man tries to find a way to leave the hotel. Babak is visited by vivid visions, gradually revealing the meaning of the film “Night”:

  • Image of a dying patient. The specialty of a doctor fills the soul of a man with depressing injuries.
  • The appearance of the former mistress Sofia. A short-term hobby caused the girl’s suicide and the endless torment of conscience in front of her wife.
  • The surrounding dark forest is the personification of Babak’s soul.

In the morning, the wife and daughter sleep peacefully. Babak’s mirror image freezes and turns its back.

The meaning of the plot

The main meaning of the film “The Night” (2020) is revealed in a randomly encountered hotel. The viewer manages to look into the hidden corners of the human soul. The Normandy Hotel becomes a kind of purgatory, providing an opportunity to recognize committed sins.

On a note! The film premiered in the USA in January 2020

A man meets the ghost of a girl he tried to save at the clinic. The image of Sophia repeatedly appears, who turned out to be a victim of Babak’s deceit, and later opened her veins.

In the story, Neda is haunted by the ghost of his unborn son. The boy, like a black homeless man, repeatedly asks the woman to confess her sins. The confession of a woman in carrying out an abortion defeated the darkness. It remains only to open the door of the hotel, which is subject to Babak. However, the man continues to hide secrets. A hotel with open doors becomes a symbol of the dungeon of a man’s own thoughts.

The meaning of the ending

The main meaning of the film “The Night” (2020) conveys the inevitability of the redemption of perfect deeds. Fate offers chances for the salvation of the soul, but the offer is often overlooked.

Neda accepted the conditions of fate, so she defeated the darkness of the hotel and received the forgiveness of her unborn son. Babak refuses to admit mistakes, so the hotel door remains locked. His mirror image is re-sent to the test circle.

The dark forest presented in the final scene symbolizes Babak’s soul. With the onset of morning mysticism persists. The meaning of the ending of the film “The Night” is regarded as a second chance for Babak. Perhaps the doors of the hotel will open due to the disclosure of secrets by a man to his awakened wife.

“The Night” stands out against the background of typical horror films with a deep meaning and an ending that is fundamentally important for the creators of the picture. The film is based on moral and ethical sins. The trap that swallowed up a couple of Iranians is a trap of human secrets and fears.

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