Neon Genesis Evangelion Explained: What’s Up With the Ending?

Evangelion is a 1995 original mecha series. After the series, two feature films appeared – “Death and Rebirth” and “The End of Evangelion”. The order of viewing is still vigorously discussed by fans of the franchise, as the audience did not really understand whether the “Project for the Assistance to Humanity” ended, and if so, with what.

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Well, today we will talk about the meaning of Evangelion, we will also go through the plot and the main characters. Sit back, connect to Eva-1, well, let’s get started!

Brief retelling of the plot

The anime takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. In the reality of the series, in 2000 there was a powerful blow, due to which the south of the Earth was completely killed, and a series of nuclear conflicts took place in the north. As a result, the world’s population has drastically declined.

In the center of the plot, 14-year-old Shinji is a teenager who has lost the meaning of life. He is insecure. lack of initiative, and does not know how to apply himself. He doesn’t get anything. At the invitation of the special Ministry of Security, he comes to Tokyo to carry out a special mission – to protect the city from an alien.

The main characters of Evangelion on the background of furs

The kid climbs into a huge robot called Evangelion (or Eve), and begins to fight with the Angel – this is a creature that cannot be destroyed with classic weapons. Evas work only with pilots who have managed to establish a mental connection with the machine. The same role is played by Asuka, who, as a character, appears in the very first episodes .

Destroying one Angel, it turns out that there are thousands of them. Therefore, in the course of the anime, the city, and the planet as a whole, is protected from aliens. Pilots are appointed and selected by the Marduk Institute. He is also engaged in the implementation of the second task – the “Project for the Assistance to Humanity”, according to which it is planned to launch artificial human evolution.

Asuka fighting with Shinji

As a result of it, the souls of people will merge into one, and getting rid of the “field of absolute fear.” According to the project, all people will become spiritually united, they will not feel the pain of loneliness. So the creators plan to create an ideal society without vices.

The meaning of the final

The plot of “Evangelion” draws attention to many problems of society – the theme of humanism, duty to people, the relationship between fathers and children. The series after the introductory part delves not only and not so much into problems, but also into human vices.

The main characters of Evangelion on the roof

The last two episodes are a dive into Shinji’s head as he contemplates the depravity of humanity. The guy thinks about whether humanity is worthy of salvation at all, as a species.

The director wanted to leave the ending open. However, he changed his mind after a large number of angry letters from Evangelion fans. However, the appearance of two series in feature-length films led to even more discussion among the fan community.

Many viewers and fans believe that the plot of the series and the latest film in the franchise are at odds. The series shows an abstract introspection of the psyche of the main character, but the ending of the film gives a different interpretation of what is happening.

Shinji sits back to back with Asuka

In the last episode of the series, it is about the acceptance of one’s personality by the main character thanks to all the close people. It was those around him who, having begun to speak frankly with Shinji due to the merger of minds into one,

It is important that everything happens in Shinji’s head, and it is not completely clear whether this is reality or fiction. If everything is true, then the main character has overcome the barrier of communication and life with others. If the latest series is nothing more than a boy’s fantasy, then for the protagonist and all of humanity, the problems are not over.

Shinji sitting by the stove with Asuka

The second theory is that the two films shown are not an alternative to the series, but only an addition to it. If in the series the action takes place in Shinji’s head (the solution of his personal conflicts), then in the films the result of the central character’s conclusions is shown.

The endings of the films and the series do not contradict each other, but complement each other. This makes it easier for the viewer to understand. what Shinji and all mankind came to. Also, the fans were clearly shown what exactly the Human Complementation Project is.

What happened to the world

The series finale points to the importance of communicating with each other, because it is through friendship that Shinji accepts himself. Having become a full-fledged personality, the hero decides to save all human souls so that they return back to earth. So the cycle of life was started anew.

Evas and robot crews on the hill

In the final, the audience sees two heroes – Shinji and Asuka, who will have to revive the world with people who can accept themselves and communicate.

On this, our analysis of the meaning of the ending of Evangelion came to an end. Our selection of short films with meaning will help pass the time until a new article. By the way. If you have questions or your own theories about the meaning of anime, be sure to share them in the comments.

And that’s all we have. So have a peaceful sky over your head and see you soon!

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