Black Ending Explained & Film Analysis

The serial drama Black (2017) contains fantastic stories. The filmmakers took a responsible approach to writing the script and put a deep meaning into it. What is the main idea of ​​the series, and why did the director pay special attention to the finale of the film Black?

The meaning of the series Black

Multi-part drama Black: the true meaning of the film. Present life and past. Everything was mixed up. Heroes do not understand where is reality and where is someone’s sick fantasy. The theme of time ran through the entire Black series. The characters have an unusual desire. They not only dream of unraveling the riddle of the past, to learn more about the present, but also to clearly imagine the future. Understatement, intriguing secrets fascinate viewers.

A holistic picture of what is happening makes everyone plunge into an exciting and emotional atmosphere. The viewer cannot make out the true feelings and thoughts of the characters for a long time, because the faces of the characters are more like impenetrable masks. It is almost impossible to predict the next step.

And there is no end and end. People seem to have fallen into a black hole from which there is no way out. Gray aimless existence. And most importantly, why? Heroes immediately begin to do wrong things. The spectator wants to prompt them, to show the black position. But what is it, right? Where is the path to happiness? How to find it? When watching the series, the questions become more and more.

Characters have forgotten how to experience sincere emotions. They are hostile not only to each other, but also to themselves. Their inner harmony is broken. They are in an emotional impasse, they do not see a further plan of action in front of them. Confusion and uncertainty about the future is what makes the characters of the series Black stand out. But no one says where is the saving thread that will lead them to the right path. Even if the characters change their attitude towards the situation, they will have to work on themselves for too long. This work will not be for everyone. Many, unable to stand it, will simply give up, give up.

In the TV series Black no one expects gifts of fate, no one believes in luck and does not count on a happy outcome. The characters have no guarantees that, having gone through pain and misunderstanding, they will achieve positive results. They do not have goals that would allow them to make their lives better.

In the concept of “happiness” everyone puts his own meaning. For some, this is a cozy home and a strong family. Others perceive it as material wealth and independence. There are those who find happiness in solitude. But the heroes of the series Black cannot determine for themselves what this concept means to them. They simply wander along their path, not thinking about the purpose of their being in a particular place. Many viewers are sure that the characters are morally tired of such an existence. It is difficult to live without joy and vivid emotions. The actors are mired in squabbles and scandals. Can they be blamed for this?

The tragic events in the film replace one another. How can you live in constant failures and difficulties. Heroes are not just tired of problems, they have forgotten how to smile. Nobody taught them to appreciate what you have. Time is the main gift that we can give to a person by linking our life with his. But we treat it as a given, not realizing that you can’t make up for it with anything.

The drama series Black did not leave the heroes a chance for a happy life filled with bright events. They perceive their existence as a great torment. Too many tests have been passed that they would like to forget forever, erase from memory. But they can’t do it. On the contrary, every day they accumulate more and more problems, not giving themselves the opportunity to change everything for the better. The characters know no other life. Besides, they don’t want to know. Everything suits them. It is sad that they have “extinct” eyes and anger at the whole world. Sad and scary.

The meaning of the series finale Black

Running in a circle. So you can characterize the series Black. The viewer, having felt their history together with the characters, will definitely rethink their existence. The theme of children makes you look at the younger generation. What are the interests and hobbies of teenagers now, if they see the hustle and bustle around them.

People are surrounded by problems. They are subjected to various trials. External adverse tests fell on the characters, they seemed to cut off their oxygen. However, despite all the natural disasters and dangers, people on their own poison their lives even more. They don’t dream, they don’t make wishes. They are embittered, all their tender feelings have been replaced by hatred and bitterness.

Black, consisting of lies and deceit, hung over the small town. Everyone betrays and despise each other. Public values ​​are devalued. The characters have already forgotten what “telling the truth” means. The meaning of the series ending Black is to make the viewer understand that the main value is human life. What it will be depends on time. In any case, our existence is limited. There is no point in worrying about the past, the future seems illusory and foggy. Naga task is to be happy in the present. Here and now.

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