Movies about the Amazons, which are definitely worth watching for lovers of toned bodies and wild looks

Films about the Amazons are quite popular, as the image of a strong, independent and courageous woman who fights enemies on an equal footing with men has long been entrenched in society. Therefore, it is interesting for the audience to observe the characters, they empathize with them.

So today we will consider several paintings on the topic that will brighten up more than one evening. Sit back, grab yourself something tasty to eat, and we begin!

Wonder Woman

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This is a story about a young Princess Diana, who lives with her mother and a tribe of brave Amazons on a beautiful and secluded island. From childhood, the girl was brought up as the heir to the throne, therefore, every day she shows her determination, the will to win and her mind to confirm her status.

However, everything changes after a military plane crashes near the island, and Diana manages to save military pilot Steve Trevor. He tells her about the world outside the island and about the world war that destroys entire nations.

The girl decides to go on a journey to restore the world and rid it of the villains.

Legendary Amazons

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The action of this film takes place on the territory of China in the XI century. The territory here is ruled by the Song dynasty, and the recently ascended emperor Renzong. He is extremely negligent in his direct duties, therefore he satisfies his needs, and he does not care about the people.

Disregard leads to the fact that the enemy army gathers on the western borders of the empire and attacks the border outposts.

In one of these unequal battles, a brave commander dies, who did not wait for reinforcements from his emperor.

The widow, angry at the whole world, decides to fight the enemy on her own. Therefore, she gathers around her detachments of the same widow women to fight. They become real Amazons.

Amazons and gladiators

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This film tells us about the girl Sirena, who was only 12 years old, when her whole family was destroyed – her older sister is captured by the governor, and her mother is killed.

All this takes place during the Roman Empire. Angry at the whole world, Mark Crassus, who is sent to serve as governor in a remote province, unleashes his anger on ordinary citizens, like the Siren’s family.

A weak and defenseless girl accidentally meets a warrior who raises her as her daughter and teaches her all the tricks of single combat.

Indomitable Amazons

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A rather unusual film about the Amazons, which tells us about the space explorer Steve Rogers. It so happens that he is sent on a new expedition to explore space. However, his ship crashes on a strange desert-covered planet.

However, pretty soon he meets the locals, who all turn out to be female. They have not seen a single man for more than 20 years. Now the appearance of a new male object can lead to the destruction of the entire system that women managed to create. Will the conqueror of space be able to find his love here and stay alive?

Hercules and the Amazons

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Before us is another story about the son of Zeus Hercules, who has considerable strength and endurance. He continues his wanderings in different parts. In one of the villages, he is overtaken by a messenger who says that in the village called Gorgorensia there are no more warriors left who could prevent the ferocious monsters that attacked livestock and civilians.

The hero sets off on a journey, and finds a tribe of Amazons there, led by the goddess Hera herself. Will Hercules have to face an army of brave warriors?



According to the plot, a powerful black sorcerer is going to take over the world. His magic is so strong that it is impossible to resist against it. There is a legend that only a sword of fine workmanship can defeat evil. However, the problem is that the artifact was lost several centuries ago. Now two Amazons from warring families are on their way to find this sword and save the world.

They are not very happy with each other’s company, but for the sake of a great goal, they are ready to forget their family feud for a while.

Amazons of the golden temple

Amazons of the golden templePhoto:

Before us is a story about a young girl named Liana, who lives in the wild forests of the Amazon, and enjoys the peace of the surrounding space. She is already used to living alone, relying only on herself and does not want to change anything.

However, things turn upside down after a friend from the past unexpectedly shows up and reveals to a girl the truth about her parents’ deaths. It turns out that the Amazons are to blame for the death of mom and dad.

The girl decides to find the real killers of her family and seek justice. On a journey full of dangers, she will be accompanied by the smart monkey Rocky and a deep-aged shaman, always ready to help.

Amazon Gold

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This film follows a pair of hapless explorers who venture into the depths of the South American jungle. They are driven by the desire to find the legendary Eldorado. The desire to acquire untold wealth pushes them forward, adds energy and helps to maintain enthusiasm along the way.

However, they are still captured by the Amazons, who do not like strangers in their territory. They live in a close community and carefully guard their secrets. Do the Amazons really know where the legendary city is located, filled with all sorts of riches?

This concludes our selection. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles!

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