Movies about other planets: 10 pictures for fans of galaxies far, far away

Films about other planets are popular, as a lot of people on earth dream of visiting another star and seeing with their own eyes all the splendor of another world. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible, but this does not mean that it is not worth striving for.

Therefore, today we will consider some cool films on this topic. So sit back, grab yourself something delicious, and let’s get started!


Stills from the movie InterstellarPhoto:

When drought, wars and dust storms lead to the complete extinction of the entire vegetation cover on Earth, scientists and researchers decide to go through a wormhole to the other end of the galaxy to find a planet there that will become a new home for the remnants of the race.

Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars: Footage #233336.Photo:

The first manned mission to Mars completely disappears, and the details of the mysterious disaster are carefully hidden. When the rescuers go in search of the missing, they discover something so amazing, in fact, even revealing a huge secret of the entire human species.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Before you is a story about space agents Laureline and Valerian, who are sent to a suspicious case. It so happens that they collide and discover an intergalactic conspiracy, which the inhabitants of the planet decided to crank out, in which more than 1000 different worlds are collected.

Star Trek: Infinity

Star Trek: Infinity (2016).Photo:

The events of this film about space tell us what happened 2 years after the five-year mission of the Enterprise. During the attack of a wave of unknown and extremely dangerous aliens, the space ship is almost destroyed, and the team crashes on a new planet for themselves. However, there they again face dangers and ruthless enemies.


Perspective (2018).Photo:

A father and daughter decide to go to a distant planet to collect the treasures that are stored in the depths of the forests. However, after extracting one pebble, they face several competitors. Due to greed and misunderstanding, an archer begins, and the girl’s father dies from his wounds. Now our astronaut will have to survive on a poisonous and hostile planet, and even cooperate with one of the surviving competitors.


dunePhoto: ›Dune-2000-381864108491958

This is a story about the planet Arrakis, which is considered the richest, but also the most dangerous in the entire universe. So it turns out that the heir to the famous house of Atreides, Paul will have to be on a sandy cosmic body and survive.

Moreover, over time, he will get a chance not only to survive, but also to avenge the betrayal of the entire top of the intergalactic empire of mankind.

Another Earth

"Another Earth" / Another EarthPhoto:

Before you is a sci-fi drama that tells about the life of a simple student who falls on an amazing discovery by scientists in the solar system of a new planet. Its peculiarity is that it is almost completely identical to the Earth.


Chronicles of Riddick.Photo:

Riddick is abandoned and betrayed by his people, and he is forced to remain on a desert planet. He faces dangerous predators, learns to defeat them, and becomes several times more dangerous himself.

Subsequently, mercenaries from all over the universe open the hunt for him, however, even they become only a pawn in the game of a larger fish.

So Riddick begins his own campaign in the name of the place, in order to eventually get to the home planet of Furia and do everything so that the world is not destroyed.

Battle for the planet Terra

Battle for Planet Terra (2007)Photo:

When humanity turned its planet from a lifeless piece of stone, forests and seas disappeared, the air became dusty, people began to look for a new place to live. As a result, the settlers found the planet Terra, which, after the work of the Terraformer, will become an ideal corner for civilization. However, the problem is that local residents will not survive such changes. Time goes by the clock.

In the center of the plot is a native inhabitant of the planet Molu, who saves a human pilot. Together they decide to save the life of the last planet with living organisms in the universe. However, as soon as they embark on a dangerous path, they immediately plunge headlong into the cycle of amazing events.

John Carter

John Carter #8Photo:

Finding himself in an unfamiliar cave, John Carter unexpectedly finds himself on Mars. Thanks to the gravity of this planet, which is different from the Earth, the guy gets amazing abilities.

Despite the acquisition of superpowers, he tries by all means to return to Earth, simultaneously getting into a lot of exciting and dangerous events.

This concludes our selection. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles.

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