Movies about monsters: 15 pictures for fans of huge creatures and the desperate struggle of mankind

Movies about monsters are extremely popular, as they tell us about the adventures of heroes who constantly walk on the edge of a knife. It is noteworthy that monsters may not even be otherworldly creatures or revived reptiles, but also the simplest people in whom there is little human left.

So today we will look at some excellent paintings on the topic. Sit back, grab yourself something tasty, and we begin!


Images from the movie GodzillaPhoto: Yandex Zen

The plot tells us about a huge reptile called Godzilla. It all starts in the late 90s of the last century, when an accident occurs at a nuclear power plant in Tokyo.

After 15 years, it becomes known that the accident did not occur due to malfunctions, but a reptile intervened in the matter.


Shot from the movie "The Mummy"Photo: Kinopoisk

This is the most successful adaptation of the theme of cursed burials in ancient Egypt. Before us is a classic film that tells about British archaeologists who in 1895 opened the tomb of Princess Ananka in Egypt.

Scientists did this despite the fact that a local religious fanatic warned them about a terrible curse. A few years later, a real revived mummy begins to hunt for the members of that expedition.

Pacific Rim

Film stillsPhoto:

The plot of this movie about monsters tells about huge kaiju that emerge from the depths of the oceans and attack the Earth. In order to fight them on equal terms, mankind has created an impressive type of robots called huntsmen. Huge colossus is controlled by two pilots who are connected to each other and the machine by a common “mind”. However, the pilots are not yet aware of how powerful their opponents will be.


Original movie "Monster" Photo:

Before us is a guy named Rob, who is going to Japan to go to a party and travel. On occasion, he takes a camera with him. However, suddenly everything changes, because something gigantic attacks his hometown, and uniform chaos begins on the streets.

The film was created in the format of a “found film”, that is, an allegedly reliable recording of the person who filmed what was happening. There are not so many monsters in the frame, but the atmosphere here is simply amazing.

Trembling of the earth

Trembling of the Earth" Photo:

This is a story about laborers Val and Earl, who are about to leave their backwoods, where only 14 people live in addition to them. However, on the eve of departure, tremors occur. It turns out that this incident is not accidental, because extremely dangerous and huge worms, which are called graboids, now live in the soil.

There are already 6 parts in this franchise, but only the first two are considered the most serious and successful.

King Kong

King Kong movie stillsPhoto:

A group of people, director Carl, screenwriter Jack and an actress named Ann, go to a desert island in the middle of the Indian Ocean to shoot an adventure film. However, everything changes after a huge gorilla bursts into their location and falls in love with a young girl at first sight.

King Kong is a classic monster that first appeared on screen in 1933.

wolf man

Wolf Man.Photo:

It was this film that gave rise to the now classic story of the transformation of a man into a werewolf. It started like this.

The protagonist Larry Talbot decides to return to his ancestral castle in Wales after a long absence. He quickly finds a girl for himself and walks with her around the neighborhood. However, he is suddenly attacked by a wolf, which the man manages to kill. However, later it turns out that the man himself eventually turns into a beast.

Quiet place

Quiet placePhoto:

In the center of the plot is the quiet and secluded farm of Evelyn and Lee Abbott. Their whole life flows evenly and in silence. However, this behavior is also reinforced by the presence of a monster near the farm, which, well, reacts very quickly to all sounds. It is very difficult for children to keep quiet all the time, and even more so the little girl Regan is naturally deaf.

Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead.Photo:

The protagonist of the already legendary franchise Ash decides to go with his friends to a country house, which is good to relax. The view of the basement with a mysterious artifact, as well as the absence of any communications and means of communication nearby, does not bother them.

It so happens that the guys accidentally call monsters into the real world, which now just won’t leave people behind.

American Werewolf in London

american werewolfPhoto:

According to the plot, two guys in the USA are attacked by a huge wolf when they traveled through the wilderness. So it turns out that one of the guys dies, turning into a ghost, but the second gets the ability of a werewolf.

Before us is a mixture of horror and comedy, which, because of this unusual combination, hooked the audience. 15 years after the release of the original film, a sequel was released, which turned out to be much weaker.


FrankensteinPhoto: retroshd-movies-bycharizard.blogspot

This is the first film adaptation of the story about a monster that was created from the body parts of different people by a mad scientist. Yes, indeed, young Henry Frankenstein manages to revive a creature in his laboratory, assembled from the remains of other people.

The monster, though not completely evil in nature, still performs extremely terrible deeds out of ignorance. Therefore, it is not surprising that the locals decide to destroy it.


Stills from the movie JawsPhoto:

This Steven Spielberg monster movie was plagued with a lot of hardships from the start.

The plot tells us about the local sheriff, who on the shore is the remains of a girl who was eaten by a huge shark. Every day, now a marine predator hunts for new victims, but the management of the resort town decides to hush up the problem.

Then our main character decides to catch and destroy the monster on his own.


Movie "The Thing"Photo: Yandex Zen

This film by John Carpenter was much better than the original, which hit the big screen in 1951. The plot tells us about a group of polar explorers who discovered an alien creature in the ice of Antarctica. It turns out later that it does not attack people directly, but is able to take any living form of matter. Now all the inhabitants of the station begin to suspect each other.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic ParkPhoto:

This is a classic monster movie about a group of scientists. They managed to find the DNA of real dinosaurs, and now they are restoring prehistoric dinosaurs. After that, they organize an amusement park, and crowds of people go there to see exotic animals.

However, everything changes after one of the scientists decides to disable all protection on the island.


Alien films.Photo: inolent

This is already a cult film by Ridley Scott, which has grown to the scale of a huge franchise. The plot tells about the Nostromo spacecraft, which receives a distress signal from a research laboratory on one of the planets. The team decides to land and help people, but on the surface they encounter a creepy alien who easily kills the astronauts one by one.

This concludes our selection. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments. And that’s all we have. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles!

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