Movies about businessmen: 25 pictures that will give you self-confidence

Films about businessmen are extremely popular, as they tell the audience about the difficult stories of ordinary people becoming fabulously rich. People can see with their own eyes that nothing will work out just like that and will be given.

So today, let’s take a look at 25 of the best pictures that will give you back your faith in entrepreneurship, as well as give you self-confidence. Sit back, grab yourself something tasty, and we begin!

The wolf of Wall Street

Film framePhoto: Yandex Zen

This is a story about a real-life guy named Jordan Belfort who wanted to become fabulously rich. As a result, he not only became such a person, he turned into the very embodiment of business.

However, there is nothing surprising in the fact that he started as a simple worker without special education, but with great desire and ambition.

But when real success came, drugs, prostitutes and so on went into business.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Frame from the movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley".Photo:

This is the story of how dreamers Bill Gates and Steve Jobs managed to turn the world upside down after the start of the computer age. Viewers will discover the truth about how the modern Microsoft and Apple were created in the garage, as well as how the two guys managed to make dreams come true.


Corporation Photo:

This, one might say, is a documentary about how multimillion-dollar corporations control human consciousness, and also push useless goods onto the market, covering them with good intentions. Managers in high offices do not care about ordinary workers and citizens, as they are driven only by the desire to earn money and improve performance.

Wall Street

Wall Street" (1987).Photo:

This is a rather old movie that tells us the story of a young broker, Bud Fox, who dreams of a fast career and easy money. He has a diploma from a prestigious university and great ambitions, which helps him enter under the leadership of the famous trading genius Gordon Gekko. However, later the guy realizes that his idol is playing a dishonest game.

This film promotes the concept of “self-made man” and motivates everyone to do something in their life that will bring them closer to their goal.

boiler room

"Boiler", 2000.Photo:

A story about US brokerage scammers who built their business on “hot sales”. Have you ever wondered why some people are very rich while others live below the poverty line? The authors of the film are sure that in many respects such differences are connected with the development of the ability to trade and sell.



This film about businessmen tells about Don Ready, who made his career as the best salesman in the United States. If the company does not know what to do in a crisis, it calls this guy, and the goods fly away only on the way.

In the course of the story, we are gradually told about the importance of psychology and reading non-verbal signals of the body in order to establish contact with a person and get to know his needs better.

Mr Selfridge

Mr.  SelfridgePhoto:

This is a story about Harry Gordon Selfridge, the most honest marketer on Earth who really lived in the 20th century. Having visited London for the first time, he comes to the conclusion that the city really lacks modern shopping centers. Therefore, he builds his first establishment in 1909.

This picture teaches you to play by the rules, to conduct business cleanly and without inciting competitors, and will also give you an incentive to build a century-old business and be proud of your brainchild.

99 francs

99 Franks (2007) .Photo:

The film is about the marketer Octave, who has long lost his sensitivity to life due to drugs. He does not care about others and their fate – he just wants to sell his product. However, after the tragedy with Sophie, he still begins to gradually change, and becomes more human.

Here you will learn the basic principles of influencing the target audience, as well as chips and tricks for creating a good impression of yourself.

Generation P

Generation P.Photo:

This is a story about Vavilen Tatarsky – a copywriter who at the end of the story is destined to become the avatar of the husband of the goddess Ishtar. However, this is still a long way off. In the meantime, he reflects on what is behind money and why they have come to replace autocracy and communism, so much so that now the idea that makes life worth living is incomprehensible.

The director decided to hit on philosophical reasoning, however, generously seasoned with near-business topics.

Billionaire. Top’s Secret

The Billionaire: StillsPhoto:

This is a true story about a guy named Top who, at the age of 16, was already driving his car to school. Income was consistently brought to him by online games. However, over time, this method has come to naught. Then the guy decides to trade in chestnuts, but also burns out.

In such a situation, all the adults around tell him to go to university, but our guy is trying to get a bank loan to start a new project. It will be useful for viewers to look at how almost all startups start and how much effort you have to make in order to get a chance to bear fruit.

They smoke here

movie posterPhoto:

The film tells the story of tobacco lobbyist Nick Naylore, who has to take this job to support his family. He himself admits that he kills 1200 people a day, much more than Attila or Genghis Khan.

This story is not about the benefits or harms of smoking, but about how to find the line that you should not cross in pursuit of money.

Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross (The Americans)Photo:

The film about businessmen tells about the inner workings of the “salesman” profession and how duplicitous they are sometimes. Baldwin’s hero tells us about the rules of life in this profession and what will have to be sacrificed in order to stay in the game.

Jerry Maguire

Jerry MaguirPhoto:

This is a story about a guy named Jerry who is facing a layoff. Now he has only two choices in life – continue to look for a job where he will be constantly pushed around, or take a chance and go his own way. Our guy chooses the second path and steps on the dangerous road of building his own destiny with his own hands.

Jerry is confident and knows exactly what he wants. So the audience is waiting for a beautiful and touching story of the formation of a new millionaire.


Aviator / The Aviator (2004).Photo:

Before you is a film adaptation of the inventor Howard Hughes, who created the largest corporation in the world. Scorsese’s picture became the most controversial of his career, as it was nominated for 11 Oscars, but was coldly received by critics.

Nevertheless, the audience is waiting for an inspiring story about how a great man could really become one and what he had to do for the sake of a dream.


film framePhoto:

The protagonist of the picture, Sergei Mamontov, decides to create his own security, and over time, the number of holders exceeds 20,000,000 people. However, his opponents are not asleep and are doing everything to destroy the business.

The film is based on the book of the same name by Mavrodi, which tells about how he created MMM in the 90s, about the rise and fall of his empire.


Frame from the film Startup.Photo:

This is a story about the early career of a businessman who decides to start from a small start-up with the potential to grow into a multi-million dollar business. However, it will be useful for the audience to look at what obstacles the protagonist will have to go through in order to achieve his task.

Atlas Shrugged

Frame N41854 from the film Atlas ShruggedPhoto:

A rather lengthy film that tells us about what representatives of medium and small businesses can oppose to power and politics.

In the center of the plot, the manager of the railway company, Danny Tagert, and the head of the steel plant, Hank Readen. It is they who will have to fight with an attempt to replace the market economy with a planned one.


Film "Paranoia" (2007)Photo:

The picture will tell about the white collar Adam Cassidy, who is on the verge of being fired from a huge corporation. It so happens that her head pays attention to the guy and offers him a deal – Adam spies on his colleagues and receives a lot of privileges for this.

History will help to better understand the sometimes extremely neurotic and rigid relationship between the manager, that is, the boss, and the subordinate.

Frozen from Miami

film framePhoto:

The story of businesswoman Lucy Hill, who has to travel to cold Minnesota in order to inform the company’s employees about the reduction. Now the super successful girl will have to cope with a hostile reception, as well as the heat of passion among the workers.

How to raise a million. Confession [email protected]

Confession z@drota" .Photo:

In the center of the plot is a guy named Zhenya, who works as a programmer and decides it’s time to go free swimming on the Internet. However, Russian reality immediately puts a spoke in the wheel. Now our guy will have to choose between the corrupt rules of the Russian Federation or the honest way, which will be fraught with a lot of difficulties.

The cruelest year

The most violent year (2014).Photo:

This is more of a crime drama that tells about the fate of the emigrant Abel Morales, who decides to build a successful oil business in the USA in the 80s. However, the situation will be complicated by the fact that a crowd of outcasts immediately runs around, who are just waiting for an opportunity to attack.

The main question now is whether an honest and principled person can stand up to a world that refuses to play by the rules.

Jobs. Lost Interview

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview.Photo:

All Steve fans should definitely watch this interview of the genius who turned the world upside down. For many years it was believed that the 1995 interview was lost, but here it is in full and ready to watch.

Jobs: Empire of temptation

Shot from the movie "Jobs: Empire of Seduction".Photo:

This is an autobiographical film that created a company that changed the world. However, the authors managed to tell not just a story, but also show Steve from the point of view of a simple person. Naturally, he, like everyone else, had flaws.

money for two

Stills from the film, photo "Money for two" /Two for the Money/ (2005...Photo:

This film is about a football player who sees his career go down the drain and bookmaker Walter. He just wants to get rich quick and saw an open door for this.

Now these two will have to turn the entire betting market upside down, make bets that don’t read, and make desperate decisions. This film perfectly shows how important risk and the ability to cope with it are in business.

This concludes our selection of films about businessmen. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to write them in the comments. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon on the pages of new articles.

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