Movie The Dead Don’t Die 2019

Comedy zombie-horror “The Dead Don’t Die” touches on the problems of society that are relevant at all times. Director Jim Jarmusch in his work ridicules the negative personal qualities of people. What is the meaning of the film? What did the scriptwriter want to say with the ending of the movie “The Dead Don’t Die”.

What is ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ about?

People are mining on a huge scale at the North Pole. They are driven by greed and greed. However, due to uncontrolled development of deposits, irreversible consequences occurred.

Provincial American town. Natural disasters follow each other. Animals began to flee from the houses of local residents. The birds have left the neighborhood of the small town. At the end of all misfortunes, the dead suddenly came to life. The zombie invasion has taken over the streets. People are afraid to leave their homes. The police from the town are doing their best to stop the living dead.

The action takes place in a small roadside restaurant. This is where the first zombie attack took place. After a terrible night, the bodies of two women were discovered. A local resident noticed a terrible find. The bodies were identified. The victims of the walking dead were the bartender and the waitress.

Law enforcement officers were called to the scene. The sheriff and his assistant drove up to the restaurant. The ward of the policeman immediately understood the reason why the women died. According to the insightful hero, the bartender and the waitress were killed by zombies. But during the investigation of a strange crime, two policemen themselves become victims of the walking dead. But some heroes still managed to escape. Among them, the hermit Bob – an outcast of society – survived.

The meaning of the film “The Dead Don’t Die”

The director in a comedic form showed social problems that are relevant and well known to everyone. Although the action of the film takes place in a small provincial town, the viewer understands that these events are characteristic of society as a whole.

The meaning of the film “The Dead Don’t Die” is that in difficult and critical periods of life a person must, simply must pull himself together and defend his point of view. Knowing in theory is one thing. It is necessary to correctly apply experience and practical skills in real life. You should not remain passive, take a neutral position, thinking that they can cope without you. Everyone’s life is in their own hands. Having strong beliefs does not absolutely guarantee a happy existence. It all depends on the activity of a person and his desire to achieve the intended goals.

The image of the hermit Bob is not accidentally presented in the film. Initially, it may seem to the viewer that this social outcast is absolutely useless for society. However, it is not. It was Bob who managed to prepare for irreversible consequences and natural disasters better than other heroes.

Not only the social outcast managed to survive, but also the mysterious Zelda Winston. Why to her? The heroine worked in a funeral agency. She knew the basics about life and death. The mysterious Zelda seems to be above the whole society. The heroine looks aloof at the events that unfolded in a provincial town. After all, she understands that only the people themselves are to blame for what happened. Zelda does not intend to remain in a greedy society any longer. With the help of extraterrestrial beings, the mysterious heroine left the planet of people.

All the events of the film “The Dead Don’t Die” indicate that the end of the world is inevitable. The apocalypse is approaching with incredible speed. The hero of the film constantly repeats: “Everything will end badly.” He tries to get to the bottom of the truth and establish the real cause of the inevitable disaster. However, people are not making any attempts to stop mass consumption. They need more and more.

If the world rolls towards complete collapse, it will absolutely not matter how much material wealth a person has. In the face of death, wealth does not matter. The power of money will lose all power. However, humanity is indifferent to the fate of the planet. People have concentrated their attention exclusively on the acquisition of material goods.

The meaning of the ending of the movie “The Dead Don’t Die”

At the end of the film “The Dead Don’t Die”, the director emphasized that if you mindlessly consume earthly goods, not limited in volumes and methods of extraction, then humanity will face one path – mass extinction. Love thoughtlessly and irresponsibly are not only the planet on which they live. They are absolutely not interested in the fate of the whole society.

Chaos has engulfed the Earth. Why did it happen? The main reason is that people do not know and do not want to know the problems of the planet. The world in a general sense is of no importance to them. They became obsessed with their personal lives, became deaf and blind to the problems and requests of those in need.

Naive and self-centered heroes believe that the future of the planet does not depend on their actions. This is their mistake. Changes in the world do not just happen. In pursuit of selfish goals, a person is ready to transcend natural laws. Absolutely mindless existence. What did the race for untold riches lead to? To a terrible disaster. The film “The Dead Don’t Die” is about how everyone should think about their role on the planet. An aimless existence will not lead to anything good.

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