Monty Python Ending Explained & Film Analysis

Philosophers, theologians, writers, and just ordinary people trying to understand their destiny have been searching for the meaning of life for centuries. This topic did not pass by the famous comedian group in the past, which created the film “The Meaning of Life According to Monty Python.” However, in the picture of the Monty Python team, the meaning of what is shown, at first glance, is so absurd that it does not immediately become clear to a wide audience. Perhaps, after a detailed analysis, it will be possible to get to the bottom of the picture. Monty Python: the meaning of life, summary, ending


The film begins with a short prologue – Terry Gilliam’s short film The Insurance Company.

The elders of the agency are dissatisfied with the management methods of the young managers. Having rebelled, the old people seize power into their own hands, throwing “overboard” the young managers.

Having turned their office into a pirate ship, they set off to conquer the “global financial market”. But in the end, having reached the end of the earth, they fall for it.

Then the film itself begins, the plot of which is a separate short story, showing the life of a person from birth to death in a grotesque form. Moreover, all this is shown from the point of view of aquarium fish, discussing the meaning of life.

Interesting! The picture was the last tape in which all 6 members of the group starred.

To understand what the meaning of life according to Monty Python is, you need to consider each story shown separately.

The Miracle of Birth

Modern hospital with expensive equipment. Professional doctors fawning over a stupid hospital administrator.

Third World. Yorkshire. The head of a large family has lost his job and is ready to sell some of the children for scientific experiments in order to feed the rest of the family. He blames the Catholic Church for everything, which prohibits the use of contraceptives.

The Protestant watching them takes pride in being able to have sex for pleasure.

Growing up and learning

A study of etiquette at a British boys’ school preceding a sex education class. The theoretical foundations are demonstrated by a teacher having sex with his wife in front of the students.

The boy who dared to laugh takes part in a rather tough rugby match as punishment.

Intraspecific struggle

World War I. The officer tries to organize the defense, but he does not succeed well. Soldiers say laudatory speeches, present gifts and pies. The soldiers who try to refuse the gifts of an officer are accused of ingratitude.

In the next scene, the sergeant is trying to get the soldiers to march on the parade ground. As a result, he disperses everyone, marching alone.

1879 Zulu War. One of the officers, waking up in the morning, discovers the absence of a leg. Colleagues suspect the tiger of this and go in search of the beast.

While searching, they come across two men dressed in tiger costumes. They claim to be on a British intelligence mission.

Average age

An American couple comes to a Hawaiian restaurant. They are offered to go to the torture chamber, served in the atmosphere of an English dungeon.

Visitors are served by a waiter who talks on philosophical topics. Clients are encouraged to talk about the meaning of life.

But the questions of life are of little concern to ordinary people. Therefore, they move on to another topic that interests them more – organ transplantation.

Living Organ Transplant

A human organ donor is visited by two paramedics to collect his liver, despite the fact that the man is still alive. They convince the donor’s wife that this is necessary for the good of the country.

Then the paramedic persuades the woman to give away her liver, recalling the Greatness of the Universe and the insignificance of life.

Autumn of life

A French restaurant musician performs a song of his own composition about the penis. At this time, a very fat man enters the hall – Mr. Creosote. He vomits all the time from gluttony, finally, the stomach explodes, exposing the internal organs.

Restaurant employees, cleaning up after a glutton, talk about the meaning of life.


A criminal sentenced to the highest measure chooses the method of execution himself. Running away from naked women, the man falls into the grave.

Death with a scythe knocks on the house, informing the owners and guests that they are dead.


In a room that looks like a luxury hotel, all the characters of the film gather. There is a festive atmosphere around, songs are heard.

The holiday is suddenly interrupted. A woman appears on the screen and gives a few instructions, and the film ends.

Plot Explanation

Judging by the title, in the film by the Monty Python team, the meaning of the plot boils down to finding answers to the eternal questions – why did we come to this world? what should you do in your life? It is these questions that the authors of the picture are trying to answer, doing it in a satirical, even grotesque form.

A number of important social themes are shown from a sharp, ironic angle:

  • church and religion;
  • sexual education of youth;
  • family relationships.

In the topic of religion, the authors ridicule both Catholics and Protestants. In the story about coming of age, the Monty Pythonites show the absurdity of war.

Interesting! Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life won the Grand Prix at the 1983 Cannes Film Festival.

The episode with gluttony is presented quite realistically, which became the catharsis of the film and emphasizes the hopelessness of human existence.

Hard satire and cynicism pervades the entire tape. And it seems that each episode of the Monty Python movie is further and further away from the promised explanation of the meaning of life.

The authors leave everything to the will of the viewer, offering to independently answer the eternal questions of life.

What is the essence of the ending

At the end of the film, all the characters in the picture fall into a kind of paradise, where everyone dances and sings. But suddenly the picture is interrupted and a lady appears, sitting in an armchair and reading out a text supposedly explaining the meaning of life.

The main religious postulates are expressed in simplified language: eat less fatty foods, choose good books to read, do good to people.

After listening to the banal truths, it becomes clear that, according to the Monty Python team, there is no meaning to life and you should not look for it. You just need to live as honestly as possible and preferably with humor.

Despite the fact that the film “The Meaning of Life According to Monty Python” was filmed back in 1983, it remains relevant to this day. The satirical tape gives a reason to look at yourself from the outside and reflect not only on your actions, but also think about the eternal.

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