Meaning of MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) by Lil Nas X

At 22, rapper Lil Nas X has already built up a sizable fan base. The videos of the extravagant performer collect hundreds of millions of views. What is the secret of the musician’s popularity? Why do his compositions go with a bang? To understand this, let’s analyze the song “Montero” by Lil Nas X.

Fans parse the artist’s track literally into quotes. Who does the musician address in his composition? Lil Nas X is like sending a letter to the past. To my 14 year old self. He wants to warn him against the many difficulties and trials that he was to face. In the first verse, the character talks about his inner state. “I just felt bad today.” He feels dissatisfaction with his existence, the injustice of life. Torments and experiences settled in his soul, which do not give him rest day or night. And over time it becomes unbearable. “You called me, invited me to your place.” He wants to share this pain with someone, but he is not sure that he will find support. The lyrical hero realizes that it is fatal for him to remain alone. He must confess, open up in his secret desires and feelings. “I haven’t been out for a long time anyway.” The character understands that this can no longer continue. He himself became a hostage of his fears and internal complexes.

“I hope I can catch you smiling in my face.” The lyrical hero is tired of suffering. He already dreams of getting out of this state. You can’t live in constant pain. Mental discomfort destroys it from the inside. Someone should show him that the world consists not only of disappointments. “You live life.” Just the way he likes it. The character deep down understands that he does not need to report to anyone and ask for advice. But he is also aware that those around him will look askance at him. How to force yourself not to pay attention to the opinions of those who are not close and dear to you? How to stop thinking about minor things that deprive the character of the opportunity to become truly happy.

“You don’t live right.” Does he really step over the moral principles and framework established in society. But the lyrical hero has a goal – to become happy. The meaning of the composition “Montero” by Lil Nas X is that you do not need to be afraid of your cherished desires and feelings. A person should listen to himself and do what his heart advises him to do. Of course, he should not go over the heads of people or act meanly towards others. But he must also remember that only he is the master of his life. And it depends only on him whether his existence will be bright and rich or boring and aimless.

In the chorus, the lyrical hero says that he cannot pretend. He no longer wants to hide his true face behind a mask of indifference. The character is sure that by keeping silent about his desires, he betrays himself. The young man wants to throw off the shackles, consisting of obsessive fears and complexes. Now he is no longer interested in what others will say or think. He is ready to accept himself.

“Call me when you want, call me when you need.” The character is ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it. He is open to communication. The lyrical hero will drop all cases and support those who ask him about it. At any time of the day or night. He himself faced misunderstanding and condemnation. But he learned to endure the hardships of fate. The main thing is that he came to inner harmony. And now he wants to tell others about his difficult path. “Call me by your name.” He is not afraid to openly declare himself. The character seems to step out of the shadows. Yes, I am like this. You can not accept it, but it will not change its interests. He will no longer silence his feelings.

The lyrical hero wants to live a life filled with vivid emotions, joyful events, pleasant meetings. Like full speed. The character hopes that his unusual message will be heard and people will understand that they should not interfere with their sincere strong feelings.

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