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Stick to the once chosen style in music or fight for a new audience by writing songs in a fashionable genre? Critics called the composition Miss You The Rolling Stones a step towards disco. This alienated many fans of the group, who saw in it a departure from the ideals of rock and roll. At the same time, the song climbed to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and significantly increased the army of rollers fans.

History of creation and meaning

The official authors of Miss You are Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. However, the song was written by Mick, and Keith’s name appears under the song only because they agreed to sign together under all their creations.

It is believed that the basis of the melody of the future hit came from Mick Jagger and keyboardist Billy Preston during a tour of Europe. Drummer Charlie Watts later recalled:

A lot of songs like Miss You were inspired by going to discos… Mick and I used to go to discos a lot… I remember we were in Munich and when we came back from the club Mick was singing one of The Village People’s songs – ” YMCA. I think it was her. And Keith hated it, but she sounded great on the dance floor.

Keith Richards later called Miss You “a damn good disco record” and claimed that it was meant to be, though Mick Jagger disagreed. He also denied that he was referring to his wife Bianca in the text, with whom their relationship had deteriorated by that time.

Release and achievements

The single Miss You was released a month before the release of the Some Girls album and soon topped the Billboard Hot 100. In the UK, the composition took third place.

In addition, an extended disco version of the song was released, which became the first dance remix by The Rolling Stones. It is over eight minutes long and includes several extra lines of text.

Watch the music video for Miss You – The Rolling Stones.

In the famous list of the 500 greatest songs of all time, Miss You is ranked 498th.

Interesting Facts

  • In an interview with Playboy magazine, John Lennon said: “I think Mick Jagger took Bless You and made Miss You out of her” (Bless You is Lennon’s song dedicated to Yoko Ono).
  • Miss You was the only song on the Some Girls album to feature multiple session musicians.

Miss You Lyrics

I’ve been holding out so long
I’ve been sleeping all alone
Lord I miss you
I’ve been hanging on the phone
I’ve been sleeping all alone
I want to kiss you

Well, I’ve been haunted in my sleep
You’ve been staring in my dreams
Lord I miss you.
I’ve been waiting in the hall
Been waiting on your call
When the phone rings
It’s just some friends of mine that say,
“Hey, what’s the matter man?
We’re gonna come around at twelve
With some Puerto Rican girls that are just dyin’ to meet you
We’re gonna bring a case of wine
Hey, let’s go mess and fool around
You know, like we used to”

You’ve been strung up for her too long
You know – girls will come and go –
They’re just like streetcars…
I’ve been staying here too long
Sometimes I feel so

Oh everybody waits so long
Oh baby why you wait so long
Won’t you come on! Come on!

I’ve been walking Central Park
Singing after dark
People think I’m crazy
I’ve been stumbling on my feet
Shuffling through the street
People ask me, “What’s the matter with you boy?”
Sometimes I want to say to myself
Sometimes I say

I won’t miss you baby
I guess I’m lying to myself
It’s just you and no one else
Lord I won’t miss you child
You’ve been blotting out my mind
Fooling on my time
No, I won’t miss you, baby, yeah
Lord, I miss you child

Miss You Lyrics

I’ve been holding on for so long
I slept alone all the time
God how I miss you
I was on the phone
I slept alone all the time
I want to kiss you

I slept restlessly
You always appeared in my dreams
God how I miss you
I’ve been waiting in the lobby
Waiting for your call
When the phone rang
It was my friends who asked:
“Hey, what’s wrong with you boy?
We’re going to take a walk at twelve
With Puerto Rican girls who can’t wait to meet you
We will bring wine
Hey come join us let’s have some fun
You know how we usually do”

You’ve been worrying about her for so long
You know girls come and go
They are like trams…
I’ve been stuck here for a long time
Sometimes I feel like this

Oh, everyone’s been waiting so long
Oh baby why are you waiting so long
Come on, come on! Come!

I’ve been walking in central park
Singing in the dark
People think I’m crazy
I stumbled
Wandering randomly down the street
They asked me: “What’s wrong with you, boy?”
Sometimes I want to tell myself
Sometimes I say…

I won’t miss you baby
I think I’m lying to myself
You and no one else
God I won’t miss you baby
You destroy my memory
fool me
No, I won’t miss you baby, yeah
God I miss you baby

Song quote

Miss You is emotions. Actually, it’s not about a girl. I think this song is about longing.

Mick Jagger

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