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Despite the fact that the time of classic police procedures has long come to an end, projects on the basis of a staring pattern come out with enviable regularity. This fact cannot but repel from watching “Mind Hunter” – a series about two FBI special agents who work in the department specializing in the analysis of the behavior of serial killers. But fortunately, for some CSI: Crime Scene lovers, and unfortunately, Mind Hunter is not what it might seem at first or even second glance. David Fincher himself had a hand in the development of the project, he also directed four episodes of the first season, and without a doubt, “Mindhunter” is worth your attention.

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Below we will tell you why “Mindhunter” is a new generation series, and how it can interest the modern viewer.

Explanation and plot of the series based on real events

FBI special agent Holden Ford, specializing in negotiating with criminals, meets Bill Tench, an agent for the Department of Behavioral Sciences. Together they begin to work on a practical guide on the behavior of serial killers before, during and after crimes, classifying them, and delving deeper into the motives of the crimes committed. As envisioned by psychology professor Wendy Carr, this guide will help solve complex criminal offenses in future or current cases.

frame from the series “Mindhunter”

If you expect the classic murder-investigation, murder-investigation scheme from the Mindhunter, then I hasten to disappoint you. The same can be said about the action we are all used to, when the heroes 24/7 are included in the development of events, and they go to the toilet somewhere behind the scenes. The Mind Hunter has a place for completely familiar things, such as shopping, dining or sitting in a bar.

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The plot of “The Hunter”, although it has a line with a serial killer not yet caught, is built exclusively on the arc of relationships between the main and indirect characters. Thus, the series tells us about the life of the three main characters, about their robot, research, relationship with each other and does it as naturally and without haste.
Without a doubt, throughout the series, our heroes will face various crimes, but only because I work for the FBI, and as is customary in the real world, not all atrocities will be disclosed, and some will be covered only indirectly. The main goal of the special agents of Ford and Tench will be visits to criminals, and only a small part of the killers will give them really useful information. At this phrase, I just want to exclaim – “Yes, this is the same as in life” and you may be right – if you know how the FBI investigations take place in reality.

frame from the series “Mindhunter”

Slowly, the narrative in the series is due not only to the desire to reveal all the acting characters, but also to the very topic of serial killers, who were not only not interested in, but even the aforementioned term had not yet been invented.

What real events is the “Mind Hunter” based on?

If you are interested in the “golden age of serial killers” in the United States, information about which may really seem entertaining, but definitely not included in the top 100 searches on Google, then “Mind Hunter” is an excellent guide to the most famous and cruel maniacs of the early 80s. x, and maybe the entire XX century. Here you and Edmund Kemper, Jeri Brudos, Richard Speck, David Berkowitz and even Charles Manson. And if these names do not tell you anything, then remember the famous Buffalo Bill maniac from The Silence of the Lambs, a novel, and subsequently a cult or even the best thriller in the history of cinema. Several assassins, notably Edmund Kemper, have served as the inspiration for the creation of Buffalo in the novel and movie.

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Mindhunter Keynote

Despite the rather complex and penetrating dialogues, which is by far the best part of the series. To understand the meaning of what is happening is not the slightest difficulty. The creators of the series understood – delving into the stories of maniacs and analyzing their dialogues, the viewer can simply lose the thread of the narrative, or, even worse, stop perceiving what is happening as a whole story. For this reason, in the first episodes of the first season, the main characters, through the same dialogues, explain not only the meaning, but also the motivation to watch the series further.

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First, the reasonable assumption that serial killers are not born, but become. In the second season, the creators deepen this hypothesis and prove that a maniac is not always a marginal or a waste of society. It can be a well-educated and well-to-do person. The most striking example from our plane with you is the notorious Andrei Chikatilo. Serial maniac of the times of the USSR, who killed 52 people, while a teacher, husband, father of two children and a volunteer who participated in the operation “Forest belt”, organized for his own capture.

Secondly, the reluctance of society to recognize the fact that serial killers are a by-product of his life. Most of the respondents were sufficiently educated and adequate individuals, to whom the society that rejected them showed considerable interest. For example, the desire of people around to learn from special agents about interrogations, multiple parcels to prisoners in exchange for interviews or just like that. A society that does not initially accept them as part of the system is ready to send food and other things to cruel killers to satisfy its inner curiosity, which, however, has nothing to do with their initial position of “wrongness” of maniacs.

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Why “Mind Hunter” – a series of a new generation

Answering the main question of the article, I would like to remind you that “The Mind Hunter” is a “Netflix original series”, and therefore free from prejudices in terms of showing same-sex relationships, and completely different from all other existing series about the FBI robot.

The main characters of “The Hunter” are not omnipotent cop detectives who snap serious crimes like nuts. Moreover, due to the lack of any “standard” action, the plot of the series may well seem boring or drawn-out, because 70% of the time the main characters only do what they say. Nevertheless, it is this technique that sets him apart from all the other, spectacular and sometimes meaningless pictures. The conversations of the main characters are exactly what you should pay all your attention to, and after a series or two, or maybe even at the beginning, you will begin to analyze and reflect on the motives of the behavior of the most famous serial killers in the world together with special agents.

frame from the series “Mindhunter”

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A gradual transition from form to content is exactly what one should expect from TV series in the future, and this is the main idea of ​​”Mindhunters”. Instead of surreal and violent crime scenes, we are shown photographs. Instead of gunfights, chases or boring “unexpectedly stereotyped” plot twists, there is a brilliant psychological analysis of dialogues with killers. But let’s not hide, from the classic police procedure, “Mindhunter” still has something in common, except for the police theme itself, this is an immense cliffhanger, without which the series – not a series, and let’s be frank – looks great.

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