Meaning of Merry Christmas Everyone & The Story Behind

With the track Merry Christmas Everyone, Welsh artist Michael Barratt, better known as Shakin’ Stevens, climbed to the top of the British charts for the fourth and last time in his career.

Clockwork Christmas composition, perfectly conveying the atmosphere of the holiday, over the years has become a classic of the genre. She regularly hits the New Year’s charts and thematic collections, continuing to delight music lovers all over the planet.

Merry Christmas Everyone Song Story

Shakin’ Stevens talked about how and what he wrote the famous song:

It was written for me by a guy named Bob Heatlie. As soon as we heard it, we thought: “If it is presented correctly, it could become number one. I’m very, very proud to be associated with the hit classic Christmas song up there with your Bings, Lennons and Slades. It’s very difficult for a song with traditional lyrics to top the Christmas chart. The radio stations have a “sledge list” and they don’t start playing them until two and a half weeks before Christmas.

The Observer, 2005

Release and achievements

The composition was ready at the end of 1984. However, it turned out that Band Aid was going to release the song Do They Know It’s Christmas?. It would be extremely difficult to compete with a supergroup of famous musicians, so the release of the Merry Christmas Everyone track was postponed for a year.

The record was released in November 1985 and soared to number one on the chart. Since 2007, when digital downloads began to be included in the charts, the song has consistently been in the holiday ratings, but has not risen above the twenty-second position in recent history.

The Merry Christmas Everyone video was filmed in Lapland. Stephens later said:

We were halfway to the top of the mountain, but unfortunately it wasn’t snowing so we had to take snowmakers with us. And I remember having a cold salad for lunch, which was a little weird!

Video of Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin’ Stevens

We watch a music video about a girl who went to Santa’s homeland.

In 2015, Shakin Stevens released a new version of the song called “Echoes of Merry Christmas Everyone”. It was released as a single in support of The Salvation Army. The track was left out of the hit parade, but the original composition then reached the twenty-sixth place.

Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens Lyrics

Snow is falling
All around me
Children playin’
having fun
It’s the season
love and understanding
Merry Christmas everyone
Time for parties
And celebrations
People dancin’
All night long
Time for gifts
And changing kisses
Time for singing Christmas songs

We’re gonna have a party tonight
I’m gonna find that girl
Underneath the mistletoe
We’ll kiss by candle light
Room is waiting
Records playing
All the old songs
love to give
Oh, I wish that
Every day was Christmas
What a nice way
to spend the year

Lyrics Merry Christmas Everyone Alternate

It’s snowing
all around me
Kids are playing
And have fun
It’s about time
Love and understanding
Merry Christmas everyone
Time to have some fun
And celebrate
People are dancing
All night long
Gift time
And exchange kisses
Time to sing Christmas songs

Tonight we’ll have fun
I will find this girl
Under mistletoe branch
We’ll kiss by candlelight
Everything is ready in the room
Records are playing
With old songs
Time to give love
Oh sorry that
Christmas is not every day
This would be a great way
So spend a whole year

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