Meaning of Where Is My Mind? by Pixies

“Where Is My Mind?” – a song by a famous American musical group who write their songs in the power of alternative rock, indie rock. Black Francis wrote it – he was inspired to do this by diving, which he did in the Caribbean. According to the author himself, a small fish began to pursue him and he could not understand what was in the head of this small creature. The song gained popularity and recognition after being featured in the song “Fight Club”. After that, many people became interested in the history of the group and its work, many fans appeared who began to listen to music to holes.

The peculiarity of this song is that it consists of four chords, and they are repeated throughout the song. The song was so popular that many singers recorded many cover versions, original and special in their own way.

What is the meaning of this song and what is it about? Let’s try to figure it out.

When we translate a song, we immediately remember the story with the fish that the author of the song mentioned. In the song, not only the lyrical hero wonders where his mind is and what he lives for. This question torments itself and a small fish. The singer, using such a trick, wanted to show that a reasonable person will definitely at least once, but think about his destiny in this life. Using the example of a small fish, the lyrical hero tries to catch his thoughts and understand what he thinks and thinks about, how he relates to this world and why his life develops this way and not otherwise.

If a fish or other animal is not allowed to understand why it appeared in this universe, then a person can calmly analyze his actions and events, thereby understanding what he needs to do for success and a good life. For happiness, someone needs to help homeless animals, and someone saves people from death. One person teaches young children, and the other tries to do everything so that his employees receive their salaries on time. Each of us has his own vocation, the realization of which is important to come in time. Our life is fleeting, and it is up to us to realize the actions to benefit people.

In a person’s life, sometimes there comes a moment in which he asks himself the question of his destiny in life and wants to understand why he was given life. The song calls to think and analyze your existence. Each person comes into this world with a purpose, and throughout his life he will finally come to the point that he will need to comprehend his existence. This happens at a more mature age, when there is already a certain life experience and understanding of how life works.

Any person needs to think about his destiny as early as possible in order to understand where and in what direction he should move. When a person understands how to go further in life, it is much easier for him to live. Therefore, it is important to ask questions as often as possible and try to find the answer to the same questions.

The song deserves the attention of listeners, if only because of its deep idea. It contains information for thinking and predicting your actions, in order to understand what to do and where to move on in life.

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  1. Gourav Kumar Mallick

    I tried to interpret the meaning behind this song which was very intuitive. And later on, through this article it was confirmed to be song about existence. Thanks a lot ☺️.