Meaning of WAP by Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion

The song “WAP” was recorded by Cardi B in collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion. This song is not for every listener. However, the track was able to top the first lines of some popular charts. Is it worth looking for a hidden meaning in the song or is there none? Let’s try to figure it out.

The genre of the composition is dirty rap. Many fans are sure that the main message of the song is to show how women should support each other. In the introduction, the lyrical heroines say that now there are few people who could be trusted and open up. Strong sincere relationships depreciate. Some prefer one night dates. Their goal is to get bright emotions. They need lightness. Commitment is not for them. The heroines are accustomed to lead an unemployed lifestyle. They only do what they want.

In the chorus, the lyrical heroine says that life should be enjoyed. Home-work-home. This scheme is clearly not for her. She is a supporter of interesting saturated saturated relationships. She does not need romance, walks under the moon. But one thing is for sure. The girl definitely knows her worth. She has no doubts about her attractiveness, charm, grace. The heroine is able to strike men on the spot with one glance. The meaning of the song “WAP” is that an incredible inner strength is hidden in a woman. A man is ready to give everything, if only this beauty was next to him.

From the first verse, the listener learns that the heroine has no complexes. She is open to dating. The girl does not adhere to strict moral framework and boundaries. She doesn’t care what others say about her. The heroine is not interested in absurd barriers. She does not intend to justify herself to others, because this is her choice and her life. Why is the girl so open about her sexual desires? It is important for her that her partner understands her.

In the second verse, the lyrical heroine reports that she is not at all an easily accessible person. “I’ll check it out first.” The first man you meet is not for her. She must get to know a person before starting a love relationship with him. The girl has a rule: partners should approach each other according to temperament. “He’s already made up his mind about everything.” A man should clearly understand what he wants. The main idea of ​​the composition is that there is no need to be afraid of your desires. There is only one life. If you want to try something new, unusual, you have to do it. No need to pay attention to judgmental looks, delve into empty conversations. Not everyone can understand the choice of the heroine. Yes, she doesn’t need it. The girl is so confident in herself that she is indifferent to the opinions of others.

In the third verse, the beauty makes her demands regarding her chosen one. Not every man is suitable for this role. Partners must be on the same wavelength. They must understand each other perfectly. A man must have an inner core. He should fully open up to his chosen one. The heroine offers her chosen one the most daring experiments. Is he ready for this? Is he liberated enough to enter into a relationship without obligations?

In the next part of the composition, the heroine talks about herself. She doesn’t hide anything. The girl is not afraid to show her true face, to reveal her secret desires. She seems to say: “Yes, I am like that.” If someone does not like it, they can pass by. The heroine doesn’t even get upset. She won’t pay attention to it. The girl craves thrills, vivid emotions, new experiences. The heroine is looking for her man, with whom she will not need to hide behind masks. She is ready to show him everything she is capable of.

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