Meaning of Transgender by Crystal Castles & The Story

Canadian band Crystal Castles recently released their hit single titled “Transgender”. Undoubtedly, it became a real hit in a short time, because the “necessary” agenda of modern society has not gone anywhere. The song raises an important issue for people who identify themselves as transgender people, who are now finding it difficult to find a place in society. To protect them or not to recognize them is the decision of each person, so we will not disclose this issue, but simply turn to the description of the meaning. We are sure that no one can convey to us the importance of this topic better than the performers themselves. So let’s take a look at the meaning of this song!

But first, let’s explain who the “transgenders” are. Not every person is sufficiently familiar with them, so it makes sense to explain. Transgender people are people who have moved away from being naturally assigned to gender. For example, a man considers himself a woman, so he dresses and behaves like a representative of the weaker sex. But now there are about 50 genders, which makes the situation somewhat absurd. But “classic” in this scheme are men who consider themselves women and women who consider themselves men.

Meaning of Transgender by Crystal Castles

It is clear that the main theme of this song will be the theme of choosing yourself and your path. People, according to the group, have every right to do this, so they talk about the possibility of changing their gender at the slightest desire. At the beginning of the song, the performers immediately say that transgender people were originally chosen among other boys and girls. They are more sensitive, the model of behavior adopted in society is not so important to them.

The song then moves on to the theme of intimacy. And for transgender people, it is not limited to intimacy. No, this is a state of mind close to being in love, but with more sensuality. This is the moment when passion is combined with tenderness, forming something truly magical.

This part of the song ends with a phrase about the seriousness of the relationship. We learn that lovers understand the true essence of their feelings, therefore they accept each other for who they are. And the phrase “there is news” is perhaps a hint of pregnancy (modern medicine can do a lot). Or, perhaps, this is a hint that the partner does not know that his love is transgender. Then he will either have to agree to continue the relationship with such a person, or leave.

The penultimate part of the song speaks of the morals and values ​​accepted in society. The light of God is the traditional division into boys and girls. Most likely, everything is described so perfectly for the sake of irony, because supporters of traditional values ​​often treat transgender people very cruelly and do not accept their choice.

The final part of the song is a person’s awareness of his status. He made a decision, so now no one and nothing will stop him.

Such is the unusual Canadian music from Crystal Castles. Not everyone will be able to understand its meaning, and in general to appreciate the work of musicians on it. Most likely, the difference between our cultures and values ​​plays a huge role, which can often be incomprehensible to representatives of a particular nationality. But now you are familiar with the meaning, so you can fully enjoy the song. Enjoy listening and understanding the meaning!

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