Meaning of This Love by Maroon 5 & Song Story

Anyone who has ever heard the Maroon 5 song “This love” at least once in their life has definitely paid attention to it. It has an original melody and style of performance, which makes it one of the most memorable tracks in pop music. If you ask when it is better to listen to a song, most likely you will be told that this is a dance composition. Such advisers hardly listened to her text, although the rhythm of “This love” is really very incendiary.

The history of creation and the meaning of the song This Love – Maroon 5

What is the American team Maroon 5 singing about in the song “This love”, and how was this composition created, which brought the team a Grammy for the best pop vocal performance by a duet or group?

The song was written by frontman Adam Levine and keyboardist Jesse Carmichael. He was inspired by the breakup with his ex-girlfriend Jane.

As he later said, the track was created at an emotionally difficult time for him. The author added that he finds the text “This love” incredibly erotic. In an interview regarding individual lines of the song, Adam Levine stated:

Yes, it’s sexy, you’re right! I’m tired of the typical lyrics like “Oh baby” and “I love you”… I thought I could write something very revealing that doesn’t look so revealing. It can listen to little girls and my grandfather. But it will hit my ex-girlfriend very hard. This is the perfect text!

MTV suggested that Levine remake some lines of “This love” to make the lyrics less sexy. The singer refused, arguing that they do not live in communist China.

The song “This love” describes a classic situation when one of the partners considers the relationship ideal and does not see that, in fact, everything is the other way around. Levin sings about love as a kind of game that everyone plays by their own rules.

In the melody of this song, we can notice the influence of the composition “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder (Stevie Wonder). The musicians themselves define their hit as a pop-rock song.

Release and achievements

The official premiere of the track took place in January 2004 on the radio. The further history of the song “This love” is full of various victories. She topped the charts in twelve countries. She was well received by both listeners and leading music publications, including Rolling Stone.

What did you hear in this song? What is she telling you?

Clip This Love – Maroon 5

Check out the music video for “This Love” by Maroon 5.

This Love Lyrics

I was so high I didn’t recognize
The fire burning in her eyes
The chaos that controlled my mind
Whispered goodbye and she got on a plane
Never to return again
But always in my heart

This love has taken its toll on me
She said goodbye too many times before
her heart is breaking in front of me
I have no choice cause I won’t say goodbye anymore

I tried my best to feed her appetite
Keep her coming every night
So hard to keep her satisfied
Kept playing love like it was just a game
Pretending to feel the same
Then turn around and leave again


I’ll fix these broken things
Repair your broken wings
And make sure everything’s alright
My pressure on your hips
Sinking my fingertips

Into every inch of you
Cause I know that’s what you want me to do


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