Meaning of They Don’t Care About Us by Michael Jackson

This song is a cover of Michael Jackson’s world famous piece of music “They Don’t Care About Us”. It violates the main problem that has not left human society alone since the time when the concepts of “state”, “power” appeared.

In this song, the main meaning is that ordinary people for those in power are just pawns who work for the state, pay taxes, and in return do not receive a comfortable life and all earthly blessings. This does not happen – there is no ideal country in which the ideal government is ready to give everything to its people to improve their standard of living.

The author admits that in fact the authorities do not care not only about the opinion of the country’s citizens, but also about the conditions in which they are trying to survive. More and more people are not satisfied with the way laws are passed, in which direction their country is moving. The authorities are to blame for all this, because it is at the top that all laws are adopted, the entire budget is signed and decisions are made on what to spend money on and what not.

The song indicates that all those who intend to come to power begin to promise a lot, and these promises do not always become a reality. Wanting to gain power and receive for the leadership of the country, everyone will promise unearthly benefits to ordinary citizens, if only they would believe him. But not everyone will be able not to lose face and prove that the society instructed him to lead the country not in vain.

This lyrical composition indicates that sometime in the future any nation will be able to unite and restore justice, freed from the influence of incomprehensible laws and from those who only rob them. But when that will happen, no one knows. If you think about this topic and ask yourself what will happen after, then the answer will make many think. If there is no one to lead the country, and the whole society wants to do this, then what kind of state order can there be if the crowd rules over itself? Each of this crowd has its own interests, dreams, desires, someone really wants to live well, and someone wants to fill their pockets with money. This situation has no end – in any case, there will be someone who will be against the government that replaced the previous one.

In most cases, the authorities turn away from the problems of their people, since the salvation of a drowning person is the work of the drowning person himself. The author calls to raise swords and go against the objectionable authorities, which are strangling their people with impunity and injustice that have bred.

Before doing anything, you should think about the likely consequences. After all, they will not always be positive and will give the state the expected honesty and justice. Before you overthrow the government, think – but will it not come out sideways to the whole people? Will there be a crisis and will food prices increase several times over? The new government is not always fair and just. Sometimes it becomes worse than the previous one, but nothing can be changed, because the whole people went against those in power, wanting a better life.

The standard of living does not always depend on the government. Everything depends on ourselves. Who prevents us from earning money and arranging a good life for ourselves without the help of the state? Nobody. Everything that we can change, we must change, but do not forget to think about the possible consequences.

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