Meaning of The Wolf of Wall Street

The world of big money is passion and deceit, temptations and sins, drive and the ability to catch luck by the tail. The masterpiece is based on the memoirs of Jordan Belfort, who went to jail for fraud. The autobiographical work tells the true story of a stockbroker who, at the age of 26, was able to easily earn $49 million. Behind bars, there was an understanding that freedom is much more expensive. Once released, the hero uses his gift for good, teaching others to sell.

Rise and fall

The viewer finds himself in 1987. Jordan Belfort gets a job at an investment bank. He is young and inexperienced, but he has a wild boss, Mark Hanna. He gives him advice to get hooked on cocaine and the big O more often. Only in this way the brain will work at 120%. But the financial crisis is coming, the guy is left without a job.

Jordan has a wife, Teresa. She advises him to join a small company that speculates in stocks. Talent does its job – the business of the office is rapidly going up. He deftly persuades people who want to invest in securities. The main character has a friend and neighbor – the merchant Johnny. They are thinking about starting their own company. There are no problems with employees – former bank colleagues were left without work. Distributors of dope and petty scammers were also involved. They give the company the name Stratton Oakmont.

Jordan trains subordinates to sell unpromising stocks, which can be considered air. The main character, who was played by DiCaprio, spoke about the fact that the company sells garbage to scavengers. And for the profits earned, prostitutes were hired, noisy parties were held. Drugs and other coke help to achieve the maximum result of labor. It comes to the fact that the young boss imposes a moratorium on sex and drug use during the working day.

In the US, the target is always the one who gets richest. Jordan’s firm is already in the lens of the FBI, agent Patrick Denham is watching them. This does not stop a successful millionaire. He meets the beautiful Naomi, the model simply fascinates with her brilliant beauty. You have to divorce your wife, and the newly formed couple has a daughter.

The FBI collects information on the company and its employees. The Securities Commission is involved in the case. At this time, Jordan earns 22 million from the first public offering of shares in a company that sells women’s shoes. There is so much money that it is difficult to hide it. You have to open a Swiss bank account. The figurehead is Aunt Naomi and her European business friends. But Donnie’s ridiculous actions lead to the exposure of this scam. It is impossible to bribe agents, Jordan is being watched, his phone is tapped.

Any businessman in such a situation tends to go to the bottom, slow down, cover up black schemes. But the constant thirst for high does not stop the main character. It comes to the point that from an overdose and expired pills, he is overtaken by temporary paralysis. And the closest friend almost choked on a pancake, being under the influence of drugs. For reckless deeds, he was handed over to the police many times. But even the cops could not curb the temper of the lustful Jordan. The persuasion of the father did not save either, the loving dad asks to be fired from the post of executive director.

After 2 years, the FBI arrested Belfort right during the filming of the commercial. He wanted to expand the firm by hiring new employees. Denham turned out to be incorruptible, he wholeheartedly wanted to seat the lucky one. A banker from Switzerland who helped store and launder cash was pierced. Jean-Jacques was taken on other cases, but his communication was tapped, the information reached the feds. Naomi files for divorce: it’s hard for her to survive the eternal betrayals and her husband’s lifestyle. The daughter should not see the nightmare that happens to dad after the next dose.

Why was Jordan only given 3 years? He made a deal with the FBI, promised to pawn all his business colleagues. They attached a microphone to his body and instructed him to conduct provocative conversations with his subordinates. With gestures and notes, he warned his closest friends, but one day the Stratton Oakmont survived a real raid by the FBI. The best junk stock sellers were arrested and put on trial.

dangerous path

Three years later, our main character is free. In prison, he forgot the taste of parties and drug dope. But he did not sit badly either: playing tennis, communicating with interesting people, time to take stock of the past years. A person who knows how to sell will never be idle. Now Jordan conducts legal trainings for networkers and those who want to become successful. He begins his seminars with the phrase: “Sell me this ballpoint pen.” The seller is obliged to inspire the potential client with the degree of importance of the upcoming purchase.

A brilliant film from Martin Scorsese will plunge us into the drunken frenzy of luxurious parties. But for any deceit and buzz always comes retribution. Heroes many times were on the verge of death, venereal diseases did not leave them, someone committed suicide. There are a lot of very funny and vulgar scenes in the tape. Do not watch the picture for schoolchildren and the elderly. And it’s better to experience crazy fun as a spectator: drugs did not bring anyone to good!

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