Meaning of Radio by Rammstein & The Story Behind

Rammstein Radio’s song is the second in the new album, released in 2019. And like the first song of this album, Radio touches on socially significant topics of the present time, using examples from history, because history is cyclical, and people should learn to look back so as not to make mistakes that were already made once. Let us analyze in more detail what is the meaning of the song Radio Ramstein.

In order to understand the song and even reveal some of the hidden meanings, it is best to turn to the video, Rammstein quite often concludes the semantic basis not only in the text of his works, but also in the picture. So, at the very beginning of the video, we see marching German soldiers, while paying attention to their uniforms. Some helmets clearly point to the 50-60s of the last century as the time of the clip, but on other guardians of the law you can see a more modern form, which clearly indicates the connection of times.

During the choruses, every time we see the band members performing their song in some room, they are all dressed in the fashion style of the 60s of the 20th century. It is impossible to say what kind of room it is from the very beginning, it will become clear only at the end of the video, but for now we can only enjoy a pleasant picture. The Ramstein group knows how and loves to shoot not just plot and semantic clips, but also very aesthetic, pleasing to the eye.

In the second verse we see the main character – the radio. It is of great importance for women, because apart from the police there are no other men in the clip. It can be noted that in this way the problem of the relationship of the sexes is revealed, which has become especially acute in recent times. This, of course, is about militant feminists who perceive men literally as an armed and enemy force.

Women are simply crazy about the radio, they literally lose their common sense next to it: everyone wants to have it, only everyone has different feelings for this miracle of technology. Someone nurses the radio like a newborn child, someone puts it at the head of the table, while others are ready to give themselves to him in the literal sense, they want to possess him like a man. In these scenes, you can find the second idea of ​​the clip. Radio is a symbol of the free expression of thought in the 20th century. Male police officers seek to eliminate this device, prevent them from being sold, take it right out of their hands. This is how representatives of law enforcement agencies behave in countries where censorship exists. In light of recent events, namely the amendment of copyright law, these scenes take on a different meaning. They are perceived not only as an excursion into history, telling about life in the GDR, but as a parody of the current state of affairs.

Finally, we see a naked woman become the leader of a protest movement. The women following her carry slogans and demands to allow them to use the radio and make it publicly available, for them this is the only way to know the truth, as they themselves think. After all, it was on the radio at that time that one could learn world news from various mouths and, perhaps, form one’s own opinion. Now the Internet has become the main representative of the broadcaster of truth, but ask yourself – does the Internet always tell the truth?

In the last scene, the performers finally emerge from the mysterious building, and we see that all this time they have been radioing into the ears of the women, but when one of the protesters runs towards them to hug them, Rammstein vanishes into thin air. It turns out that the truth was not even on the radio? Then where is she? This question remains up in the air.

The meaning of the song Radio fits literally in one phrase – you can only trust yourself.

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