Meaning of the song HYPNOTIZED by AViVA

The performer AViVA stands out among others with originality and originality. She created an image for herself that attracts thousands of fans. AViVA’s compositions are not like the songs of other musicians. Fans are sure that the artist will have a successful creative path, because she puts a piece of her soul into each track. Let’s try to figure out what hidden meaning lies in the composition “Hypnotized”.

The first part of the song is filled with energy, thirst for life. The heroine seems to be at a crossroads. She doesn’t know what next step she needs to take. The girl turns to someone who attracts her with his inner strength. “Take my soul.” She is ready to lose her emotions, feelings, thoughts. But at the same time, the heroine asks: “Leave me here.” Listeners involuntarily have a question, how can this be? The girl, catching this impulse, replies: “I am a shell.” Everything burned out inside. She feels nothing, feels nothing. Her mind refuses to believe what is happening, but there is no other choice.

“Deep breath, deep breath.” The girl stops for a moment. She needs time to recover. The heroine is out of breath. She clings to every opportunity to come into a state of inner harmony. Collecting her thoughts, the girl declares: “We don’t want you to be here.” Just who are these “we”? Together with whom did the heroine make such a difficult decision? From the following lines it becomes clear to whom the girl originally addressed. She says in a general way: “It’s evil.” But what problems, misfortune did the lyrical heroine have to face, that she made such a conclusion?

In the next part of the composition, the girl forgives herself for her mistakes. “We’re all just people.” Each of us makes a lot of mistakes along the way. People tend to doubt, analyze, compare. To make an important decision, sometimes you need to take a time out or take a step back, weigh the pros and cons. When something goes wrong, a person blames himself for everything, not paying attention to the influence of external factors. The heroine, turning to the one to whom she had recently been ready to give her soul, reports that he missed his chance. She no longer wants to be near him.

“Join us”. The girl addresses everyone. She tries to convey that life should be joy. Down with fears and worries. “We want to play.” We want to feel that we live, breathe with our own chest, not paying attention to past grievances. In the same part of the song, the girl again turns to him, to her evil. “You don’t want to run away.” The character seems to stand still. He is afraid to do anything. He just has to wait. But what? And then the lyrical heroine clearly understood everything. “Can’t you see that you’re hypnotized?” The girl is trying to believe that the character’s actions did not depend on his principles. “Locked inside this lie.” The character himself is trapped. How to find a way out of this situation?

When a person acts vilely, he will have to answer for it. “Try to leave, but you can’t run away.” Nobody canceled the boomerang rule. The heroine repeats again and again that the character independently set foot on this path. Our happiness is solely in our hands. It is pointless to be offended by fate. The meaning of AViVA’s song “Hypnotized” is that each person is responsible for his actions. You can not betray, deceive, substitute people. Especially those who are ready to give you their soul. Realizing his act, sometimes a person tries to fix something. But most often this does not bring the desired result. Too late.

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